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Meet Sadler, the assassin
In the year 622, Muhammed founded the first islamic state...
Title screen
Sadler must kill the kalif!
On the main command screen
In the home village
Gossiping at the bar
You can't afford the ferry ride into Babylon
So you take the underground route instead
Meeting the first member of your party
Taking some hashish. You feel much better.
A queer statue
Allah is the only god!
Facing a boss
Oh no, Lurmy has been taken away!
Stupid girl! She was willingly taken just because she wanted to be rescued!
Poor man, murdered by the kalif's army
On the map screen
Hey, wanna buy some stuff, man? Yes, I'll take some cocain.
Beat the medusa, earn some money to feed your drug habit
Outside the bandit fortress, high in the sky
Inside the fortress
The bandit queen and her witch sister
The bandits were holding Fakhyle prisoner
Fakhyle is useful, for he teaches you new spells, when he fells like it.
The head of the circus has bought your friend from a slaver
Defeat the dragon...
...in order to find the royal family, hiding from the kalif
Because you freed the town, the circus releases your big friend
The party is united!
Outside the tower of babel
The oil magnate insists on pouring industrial waste into the Eufrates
But if you give him a magnificent horse, he will stop
Down in the, now clean, Eufrates
The god Ishtar has turned the queen of Babylon into a pigeon
Trying to turn the queen back into a human
Visiting the Jewish diaspora in Alexandria. They say very strange things.
You have found the world's oldest pornographic book
Trying to find the liver of the giant snake, Uroboros