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Written by  :  rcoltrane (1803)
Written on  :  Jan 05, 2010
Platform  :  MSX
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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This is 'THE ONE' MSX martial arts game

The Good

The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, but with really nice improved graphics and sound effects. The music is catchy and addictive, the backgrounds are nicer and they give a sense of depth and the enemies are stronger and more detailed. This time, you play the role of Lee Young and you have to battle against 8 fighters, each one with his/her unique styles and weapons. There are some hilarious opponents, like Yen-Pey who throws his hair against you like a whip and Po Chin, a fat kung-fu fighter that throws 'fart' balls which paralyzes you for a couple of seconds, making you vulnerable to incoming attacks. A really entertaining game for martial arts fans.

The Bad

There are some 'bonus' stages between fights where you have to walk through 3 consecutive screens while hitting/dodging flying 'dwarves', and these stages are boring, to say the least.

The Bottom Line

A nicely improved kung-fu game which will entertain every fighting games fans. This is a true MSX classic!