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    -- Interactive Soundtrack Features the Music of Hot Alternative Band,
    God Lives Underwater --
    -- Come See the Music and Hear the Action at
    VNM's E3 Booth #10301 (South Hall) --

    New York, NY, May 14, 1996 -- A dynamic new combination of music and gaming will make its debut at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with the introduction of the cybernetic slam and jam MTV'S SLAMSCAPE. Developed by Viacom New Media and MTV Interactive, MTV'S SLAMSCAPE, the first in a series of MTV Music Games that puts fast action gameplay inside an interactive soundtrack, is scheduled for release on Sony PlayStation and Windows 95 CD-ROM in the fourth quarter, 1996. Viacom New Media and MTV are units of Viacom Inc.

    MTV'S SLAMSCAPE utilizes a unique new play mechanic that incorporates elements of driving, shooting and slamming with an innovative interactive soundtrack featuring the music of the hot alternative band, God Lives Underwater.

    "We're really taking gaming to a new level with MTV'S SLAMSCAPE," said Paul Meyer, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Viacom New Media. "By pushing the technology, we've achieved real-time 3D graphics at 60 frames per second on the PlayStation -- as fast as your TV -- and for the first time can introduce a full, real-time interactive soundtrack. As players blast their way through the game's surreal graphic world, they're in total control not only of where they go but what they hear."

    "MTV'S SLAMSCAPE begins to push the envelope in terms of merging the fast-paced action of gaming with the emotional reaction you get from music," commented Matt Farber, Senior Vice President, Programming/New Business, MTV and MTV Interactive. "With SLAMSCAPE, actions have musical repercussions and the score will never sound the same."

    Players assume the role of a victim of a harrowing road accident. Half-comatose, they're rushed to a hospital only to find themselves turned into a human guinea pig by a group of mad hackers. They're hooked up to an experimental thought-powered virtual simulator, code-named "SlamScape." Previous attempts at bug-testing the SlamScape Engine have only succeeded in imprisoning the Ids of 16 "volunteer" lab rats in a virtual nightmare, leaving their psyches trapped together. Now with the help of a little hard-wiring, the hackers are sending their latest candidate, the player, into the same nightmare to rescue the Ids. Only by freeing the Ids one by one from inside the simulator can the player hope to survive and reunite his own mind and body.

    Careening at 60 frames per second (on the PlayStation) through five bizarre mindscapes, players will blast and ram through waves of enemy freaks and foes in a lightning-fast slamjet, a hovercraft of incredible responsiveness. As players rescue trapped Ids throughout CarniValhalla, TroubleFeature, and Endless Bummer -- just some of the game's fantastic levels -- they must capture energy nodes to stay at maximum-amp, while wiping out frightmare-clowns on stilts and vicious Shreddy-Bears, and facing the dreaded DangerRanger.

    But players must be vigilant with both eyes and ears. With 360° of incredibly high-res danger bearing down, players must listen for audio clues. Each enemy has a signature track that gets louder as they near . . ."is that the sound of a NodeSnagger ripping up the turf behind you..."

    Every location has its own theme, so players can quickly re-orient themselves in this speed junkie's paradise. The player's every action will kick up the sound from a multiplicity of edgy music tracks and musical effects laid down by hip, alternative band God Lives Underwater. As power winds down so does the pump it up! Slam it up! Make some noise!

    God Lives Underwater has emerged as one of the most innovative and admired bands in the last year, thanks to their deft blending of rock and techno influences. Formed by David Reilly and Jeff Turzo in 1993, the band released a self-titled debut "God Lives Underwater" in February of 1995, and is currently touring in support of their American Recordings debut album, "Empty."

    MTV'S SLAMSCAPE will also be available for preview in Sony Computer Entertainment's E3 Booth #12817 (South Hall).

    MTV'S SLAMSCAPE is being developed by Viacom New Media/Chicago, the company's in-house development unit, based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Also due this year from the development unit is SNOW CRASH, a real-time 3D action game based on Neal Stephenson's ground-breaking cyber-novel. Viacom New Media has developed the award-winning MTV'S BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD IN VIRTUAL STUPIDITY, THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD and Nickelodeon's ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?: THE TALE OF ORPHEO'S CURSE, as well as SHERLOCK HOLMES, CONSULTING DETECTIVE and DRACULA UNLEASHED.

    MTV Interactive, a division of MTV: Music Television, works closely with Viacom Interactive Media to develop activities in the areas of interactive products including video games and CD-ROM, online services, and interactive television.

    MTV NETWORKS, a unit of Viacom Inc., owns and operates three cable television programming networks -- MTV: MUSIC TELEVISION, VH1, and NICKELODEON/NICK at NITE, all of which are registered trademarks of MTV NETWORKS.

    Viacom New Media is introducing a diverse group of 10 titles across a number of platforms for 1996. In addition to MTV'S SLAMSCAPE, these include the action/adventure games MTV'S AEON FLUX (PSX and PC CD-ROM), SNOW CRASH (PC CD-ROM) and THE DIVIDE: ENEMIES WITHIN (PSX and PC CD-ROM); the pure action game DEATHDROME (PSX and PC CD-ROM); the humorous action/strategy game JOE'S APARTMENT (PC CD-ROM); the children's creativity title NICKELODEON MULTIMEDIA LAB (PC CD-ROM); the strategy game ENEMY NATIONS (PC CD-ROM/online); and the online action/RPG game, ARCHMAGE: WAR OF THE WIZARDS. The adventure game STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE -- HARBINGER (PC and Mac CD-ROM) was released earlier this year.

    Viacom New Media, Dracula Unleashed, DeathDrome, The Divide: Enemies Within, Enemy Nations, ArchMage, MTV: Music Television, Aeon Flux, Beavis and Butt-Head, Nickelodeon, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. The Indian in the Cupboard, STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE -- HARBINGER and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. Consulting Detective is a licensed trademark from Sleuth Publications, Ltd. Joe's Apartment is a trademark of Geffen Pictures. Snow Crash and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Neal Stephenson.

    Viacom New Media's World Wide Web address is: The site was developed by Viacom Interactive Services.

    Viacom New Media, a unit of Viacom Interactive Media, is a publisher of interactive entertainment software for Viacom.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Jun 10, 2004.

Magazine Ad - EGM #87, October 1996:




    With fast-action gameplay inside an interactive soundtrack by God Lives Underwater and the fastest real-time 3D graphics available, it's like taking the scenic route to hell and back. Battle your own private demons at lightning speed. And thrash your head off in 360 degrees of pure danger.

    Featuring the music of GOD LIVES UNDERWATER as seen on MTV.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on May 31, 2004.

Back Cover - PlayStation:

    You, along with 16 other captives, are victims of a freakish experiment, hooked up to the SlamScape Simulator. Enter the Slamjet. You're in the cockpit hauling ass and shooting your way through a SlamScape filled with nightmarish imagery, as you attempt to free yourself and the others.


    Like fast-action gameplay inside an interactive soundtrack by God Lives Underwater, and the fastest (60 frames per second) real-time 3-D graphics available on the planet. Better buckle into your Slamjet; you'll be slamming & thrashing through 360° of pure head-banging danger.



    Contributed by Demian Katz (2316) on Apr 27, 2004.