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M.U.L.E. Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Intro Sequence
Intro Sequence 2
Ship landing on the new colony planet
Food Auction
Who owns what...
Land Auction
Inside the Store
Capturing the Wampus
Game Status

Commodore 64 version

title screen and credits
color choice
species select
confirming selections
stand by to land on Irata
where we stand at the start of the game
land grant
something happened (hopefully good)
outfitting my M.U.L.E.
won money in the pub (Who da, thing?)
pest attack. AACK!
I caught the Wampus!
Acid rain storm.
Fire in the store!

NES version

Title Screen
Choose your game type
Choose your species
Landing on an undevelopped planet
Performing an action/outfitting at the base
4 Players are in direct competition with one another
Gameplay is underway!
Events such as Acid Rain affect game conditions

PC-88 version

Title screen
Select your color
Select your race
Beginning the exploration
Comparative statistics
A PUB?..
Looks like I'm doing pretty well...

PC Booter version

Logos/Loading screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
The game runs through a demo if you let it sit long enough (CGA with composite monitor)
Pick your species (CGA with composite monitor)
The game options selected are... (CGA with composite monitor)
The transport ship lands... (CGA with composite monitor)
Selecting plots of land (CGA with composite monitor)
Infestation has been thwarted! (CGA with composite monitor)
Food auction (CGA with composite monitor)
Caught the mountain wampus (CGA with composite monitor)
IBM/EA Logo (CGA with RGB monitor)
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Change level of play (CGA with RGB monitor)
Change number of play (CGA with RGB monitor)
Select keyboard or joystick (CGA with RGB monitor)
Color choice (CGA with RGB monitor)
Pick your species (CGA with RGB monitor)
The species chosen for this colony (CGA with RGB monitor)
Transport ship (Landing on the planet Iraton) (CGA with RGB monitor)
Status Summery (CGA with RGB monitor)
Land Grant (CGA with RGB monitor)
The Computer is taking its turn (CGA with RGB monitor)
Won $69 in a contest (CGA with RGB monitor)
Your money equals $1000 (CGA with RGB monitor)
$75 to outfit mule for Smithore (CGA with RGB monitor)
Time has run out (CGA with RGB monitor)
Shortage (CGA with RGB monitor)
The store has 16 units (CGA with RGB monitor)
Seller at Critical Level! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Pirate Ship (CGA with RGB monitor)
Trading Action (CGA with RGB monitor)
Pest Attack (CGA with RGB monitor)
Planetquake (Mining Production Hall of Normal) (CGA with RGB monitor)
You Caught the Mountain Wampus. (CGA with RGB monitor)