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Mummy Maze Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading Screen
Main Menu
The tutorial explains the game in a few easy steps.
From this position, the game logic prevents the mummy from moving if I now head straight to the exit.
I got caught by the mummy.
Game Over
The game warns you when you moved the explorer into a position where it is impossible to escape.
This level has a mummy, a scorpion and a deadly trap.
Caught by the trap ... a block falls down.
Two mummies at the same time, but it is easy in this position to dispose of one of them.
The mummy and the scorpion get into a fight.
The twelfth level of the first pyramid has been completed.
My first treasure!
Shown in cartoon form
This level has two deadly traps and a red mummy, with a different logic in movement.
The world map with the fifteen pyramids.
Level completion screen in the Classic mode
No light in this tomb, so it's practically suicide
The mazes get complicated as the game progresses
You have defeated the mummy