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Overall, a top-notch product, and with three million levels, one that can be played again and again.
AmigaZzap! (Sep, 1990)
Murder is one of those games you're wither going to love or hate. Of course, these mind-bending puzzles can test your note taking and map-making skills, so programmer Grant Harrison provides both maps and a surprisingly detailed automatic notebook. This means 'all' you have to do is put the clues together to get your man – or woman. You don't even have to type in any questions. It’s all done by icons. Indeed, until you actually play the game, its ambitious scope and comprehensive features might seem unworkable, but the icon system makes it all very easy to play. Of course with any brain bending game the graphics are secondary but artist Jason Kingsley has set the period scene well. The subtle detail and monochrome shading work best on the Amiga due to higher resolution. There's also some limited, but excellent sound FX. If you fancy yourself as sleuth, you can't miss this!
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Sep, 1990)
Graphically, sonically and technically, Murder's a fairly simple game - questioning is the most important element and is really using a database, cross-referencing people, objects and locations to obtain different snippets of text. However, it's one of the most amusing and involving non-arcade games for a long lime: death is a strange business but Murder's well worth investigating.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Sep, 1990)
The main graphics are In the isometric section of the screen and are mono to give an authentic Thirties/Forties feel. This is a dreary look and animation's nothing special but there's quite a lot of detail. Text and icons are clear and easy to read use and effects are few but functional.
AmigaThe One (Sep, 1990)
A few more imaginative answers (and more atmospheric sounds) would have contributed a lot to the level of realism. Once you have got a lead, however, detective mania really sets in and you won't be satisfied till you crack the case. Agatha Christie fans and Columbo lovers start counting your money: Murder is one of the most engrossing whodunnits around.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Oct, 1990)
Der Knobelspaß macht tierisch Laune, und das ziemlich lange: Durch kleine Veränderungen (Datum, Tatort, Schwierigkeitsgrad und Aussehen des Mörders) werden immer wieder “neue” Fälle gebildet – laut Anleitung gibt es satte drei Millionen Varianten! Die Grafiken der einzelnen Zimmer sind zwar nur Schwarz-Weiß, dafür aber sehr fein gezeichnet; Sound war bei unserem Testmuster leider noch Fehlanzeige. Messerscharf kombiniert”Wer intelligente Computerunterhaltung liebt, kommt an diesem Fall auf keinen Fall vorbei!
Atari STAtari ST User (Oct, 1990)
After a few laps of the mansion you may think you're ready to make the accusation. Make sure the suspected murder weapon is in your possession, then simply confront the man or woman of your choice. You'll only know if you're correct by reading the front page of tomorrows paper!
AmigaAmiga Format (Aug, 1990)
A puzzle game with a real difference, Murder blends the genre of the adventure, where precise questions elicit the best answers, and arcade-style games where speed is important. It is not just the two-hour limit, but getting to objects before the prints are wiped by that swine with the hanky. Murder needs intuition and a nose for a lie if you are to solve the crime and claim the glory. When that fails you can fall back on methododical police work, quizzing everyone, dusting everything and guessing. Murder taxes the mind and patience, but if you want to commit them rather than solve them an action game might be a better idea.
The designers have tried to recreate a 40's murder mystery movie, and they have succeeded. The authentically designed characters, along with the black and white graphics, do well to create the right atmosphere. Sound is strictly limited to a few spot effects, but this doesn't detract from the gameplay. An involving and entertaining product, but one that needs a fair bit of thought to play.
80 (Jun 04, 2008)
L’importanza dell’esperienza realizzata dal duo Jason Kingsley e Grant Harrison lascia fantasticare di possibilità interattive oggi non ancora onorate. L’immaginazione corre veloce poiché, mediante gli hardware odierni, si tratterebbe solo di i-m-m-a-g-i-n-a-r-e un game design procedurale ad hoc in continua riscrittura ambientale, per il quale un database di elementi 3D composto di corridoi, stanze, location esterne, personaggi e oggetti avrebbero solo da disporsi al variare di alcuni elementi (nel caso di Murder la data di un giornale) offrendo in tal modo sempre nuove vie, nuove percorrenze, nuove condizioni climatiche e situazioni da risolvere. A quel punto i players, quali novelli visitatori pronti anche all’arma se necessario (secondo i dettami di un odierno ludo-appeal), non avrebbero che da trovare nell’ipotetico ibrido action/investigativo il proprio ignoto video ludico, ogni volta con una nuova storia e delle nuove emozioni.
AmigaCU Amiga (Sep, 1990)
As a challenge, Murder is perfect for would-be sleuths. There are more than enough possibilities to keep you coming back and, whilst you will have to repeat the same rather painstaking actions to solve the mystery, it is absorbing stuff.
Not a huge deal of difference between this and the other versions. Obviously in the less capable modes, the graphic lose their distinctness, and a lot of the characterisation is lost. The gameplay is identical, however, if not a little on the slow side at times, especially when there are a few moving characters on screen. Still as much of a challenge, though.
Atari STST Format (Sep, 1990)
Good graphics, a variety of rooms, well-hidden evidence and a mountain of red-herrings make this a fatally addictive murder game. Unfortunately the frustrating way you have to construct questions means it's sheer bloody murder interrogating anyone. However, with three million murders waiting to be solved, which is more on the scale of Pol Pot than Agatha Christie, you can be sure you'll be solving homicides in every spare moment.
AmigaAmiga Computing (Oct, 1990)
The idea behind the game is a good and novel one. Unfortunately, each of the three million murders is very similar, and I predict that one or two will be enough for most of us. Graphically, the game is excellent, the part of the screen where the action takes place is reminiscent of those old Speccy Ultimate games and the spot effects add to the atmosphere enormously. Characters light cigarettes, bats and frogs can be heard in the outdoors locations, whispering sounds are heard when you go to question a character, and in one room a stuck gramophone player whirs round. Despite the minute attention to detail and atmosphere creation, the gameplay is sorely lacking. Actually using the icon environment takes a bit of getting used to. Still, the idea of a game with a two hour limit will appeal to many Amigans with not overmuch time to spare, and this could be where Murder scores over others in the genre.
AmigaAmiga Power (May, 1991)
If you've got plenty of patience, it's an absorbing brain-teaser.
Wenn auch das Programm vielversprechende Ansätze zeigt, so läßt die Ausführung über weite Strecken doch zu wünschen übrig - angefangen mit den eher schlichten, in Schwarz/Weiß (!) gehaltenen Grafiken, die das Erkennen von Gegenständen schier unmöglich machen, bis hin zu den insgesamt doch recht begrenzten Handlungsmöglichkeiten. [...] Jammerschade, denn bei einer vernünftigen Umsetzung des Konzepts hätte ein gutes, durchaus empfehlenswertes Produkt entstehen können.
Wenn man aber die ganze Zeit nur Dialoge führt und dabei Unmengen von Details im Notizbuch vermerkt, kommt eigentlich nur Verwirrung und Langeweile auf. Im Vergleich zur Amigaversion haben sich eigentlich nur Grafik und Sound zum Nachteil entwickelt.
AmigaPower Play (Oct, 1990)
Spielidee und Aufmachung machen einen prächtigen Eindruck, doch trotz des elektronischen Notizbuchs droht Verwirrung. Wenn man Dutzende von Zeugenaussagen à la "Ich ging um 10:01 Uhr in die Küche" oder "Ich ließ das Taschentuch um 10:02 fallen" beisammen hat, sieht man den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht. Dabei sind viele Fälle sehr simpel und mit etwas gekonntem Raten in ein, zwei Minuten lösbar. Da wären wir auch schon beim nächsten Problem: Die Abwechslung läßt sehr zu wünschen übrig. Zwar ändern sich Einzelheiten (wer ist die Leiche, wer hat mit welcher Waffe zugeschlagen?), doch Spielablauf und Grafik bleiben im Wesentlichen gleich. Außerdem kann man nicht speichern, was bei einem Adventure eine Schande ist. Murder hat ein interessantes Konzept zu bieten, doch der Spielspaß blieb auf halbem Wege mit einem Dolch im Rücken auf der Strecke.
This game might have some similarities to the boardgame Clue, but (as noted earlier) gamers should not be fooled by the similarity. The program is much more complex and sophisticated than that. Even so, the game is quickly learned and, after a short period of time, the mysteries easily solved. This crimesolver played all levels and discovered that the game is really not difficult at all for a half-way intuitive person. Game patterns are easily discerned, allowing nearly any mystery to be effortlessly solved after a half dozen games or so.