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Murder! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo and title
Opening screen lets you customize your character, place of events, and level of expertise
Main Title

Atari ST version

Murder in the disk drive
Loading screen
But you'd better not kill the groove
Starting at the crime scene
Nice floor
I can't wash this away, it's here to stay
The maid, in the basement, with the candlestick?
The map is handy when navigating in the manor

DOS version

Before the game starts, you select your character's appearance, difficulty level, the year and the place of murder.
Main Title
Starting the game, with a murder.
Checking out the map.
Going through some of the notes.
Hmm, seems like noone's been using this revolver... or fingerprints have been nicely cleared.
Using magnifying glass (mouse pointer) you select objects or people you want to interact with.
Note it is mentioned what each person is currently carrying, as s/he may put it down and make it a good go to check for fingerprints.
By combining icons you form an exact question you wanna ask.