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Platform Votes Score
Arcade Awaiting 5 votes...
Neo Geo 5 3.1
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Combined User Score 5 3.1

Critic Reviews

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Neo Geo1UP! (Dec 06, 2003)
A moins d'exposer la cartouche à du plutonium et d'obtenir quelques modifications de sa structure interne, Mutation Nation n'est pas un titre exceptionnel. C'est un "bon petit beat'em up", ce terme affectueux qu'on aurait envie de donner à une centaine de titres du genre. Il se démarque légèrement par son thème et son design, sans toutefois aller suffisamment loin dans une voie ou l'autre pour être remarquable. Vu que c'est un produit de bonne facture, avec une maniabilité conviviale, il laisse une bonne impression, mais un regret aussi, son mode easy mensonger, plus adapté aux mutants qu'aux humains sans doute.
Nintendo (Oct 27, 2017)
Most of these older SNK titles either live on because their sequels are still around today or they’re cool enough that they’ve been ported on their own already. I’ve never played Mutation Nation before and I was instantly hooked. It felt like it could have come out on the Steam storefront TODAY and would have been pretty well received.
Nintendo SwitchNintendo Life (Nov 02, 2017)
A larger character choice would be good, but there's a solid range of enemy attackers to deal with during your playthrough. A number of moves (including the sometimes tactical use of specials) keeps the fighting entertaining whether playing alone or with a friend. There are some decent character designs for the mutants and robots, with some nice touches in their animations such as a transformation or the way a seemingly human foe's face is punched off to reveal the robot inside. Once cleared there's not a lot of immediate replay value, but you can always try and improve in the Hi Score and Caravan modes; whenever you do boot it up, Mutation Nation provides a great scrolling beat 'em up fix.
Neo GeoVideo Games (May, 1992)
Mutation Nation gefällt zwar nicht so gut wie das technisch brillante “Robo-Army‘ trotzdem gehört es wegen seiner atmosphärischer Grafik und der fetzigen Hardrock-Musik in jede gut sortierte Mega-Modul-Spielesammlung. Dank der Bewegungsfreiheit der Sprites auf dem Spielfeld und der gegenseitigen Friedenshaltung (die Spielfiguren können sich nicht verprügeln) kommt besonders im Zwei-Spieler-Modus Spaß und Spannung ohne Hektik auf. Für sich gesehen, ist Mutation Nation spitze, in Anbetracht der Tatsache, daß SNK zu 70 Prozent Prügelspiele fabriziert, verblaßt‘s jedoch ein wenig.
Gameplay is as good as you would expect from this kind of title, with basic punching and kicking the order of the day. The problem is that there are similar and better games on the Neo Geo and you'd probably be better off choosing something else. All in all, a solid and impressive release which is utterly lacking in imagination or originality.
To put it simply, if you own a Geo (or you know someone who does) and you a die-hard fan of the genre, this is one of the best games the genre has ever seen. Beyond some of the flaws mentioned above, the game still competes with a majority of today's fighters. Then again, there hasn't been a lot of competition for quite some time....
Grafisch ist das Game ein kleiner Augenschmaus. Neben den oben genannten Leckerbissen strotzt Mutation Nation mit großen und bunten Sprites, die teilweise auch toll animiert sind. Leider hält da der Sound nicht mit, den der plätschert nur müde vor sich hin und wird der Edelkonsole in keinster Weise gerecht. Trotzdem erhält ein jeder Neo-Geo-Besitzer insgesamt gesehen mit Mutation Nation ein Beat'em-Up der besseren Sorte, das einige Zeit motivieren dürfte. Zumindest dann, wenn man den Preis einmal außen vor läßt...
The action is decent with graphics and sounds that are great even by Neo-Geo standards.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic (Apr 11, 2004)
The designers got pretty creative with some of these creatures, including squid-heads, plant people, horned dogs, and thugs that sprout bat heads. The four-armed woman reminded me of the Mortal Kombat character Shiva. Stage locations include city streets, a museum, a seaport, moving flatbed trucks, and even a dance club. The multi-layered backgrounds are nicely drawn and interesting to look at. The game supports two-player simultaneous action, and you can't harm each other, which is always preferable. Player two is a black guy with a flattop and stripes on the side of his head - quite fashionable for 1992. Three continues are provided. It doesn't appear that SNK put a lot of effort into Mutation Nation. For example, when you walk up to a door at the end of a stage, it shatters without even being touched. Mutation Nation is not a terrible game, but it's awfully shallow and very forgettable. Even my wife, a huge Streets of Rage fan, thought this was awfully primitive.

antstream tournament