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Overall My Street is enjoyable, but geared towards more casual players. This game is highly suggested for parents looking for a game to play with their younger kids. The absence of objectionable material makes this a very kid friendly game, and the enjoyable multiplayer options should provide enough enjoyment so parents won't have to feel like they're being forced to play. The more hardcore gamer may want to give this one a rent first. The online experience is fun, but the game's simple nature ultimately works against its fun factor.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 26, 2003)
Since My Street is aimed at a younger audience, much of the audio is created to appeal to a younger crowd. The in-games music is very simple and the character voices are pretty good. The only drawback with the audio is sometimes how tedious the voices sound when you talk to the same character over and over again. The concept for My Street was great, but it’s unfortunate that the game hasn’t received the attention many wished it had. If you have young kids then My Street is a solid purchase, but if you’re looking for some good old multiplayer action, a rental is a good idea. Its disappointing too see no online community, considering that the online wars have just begun.
GameZone (Mar 19, 2003)
When the sun comes up, breakfast has been eaten and Moms and Dads go off to work, the kids go out to play. What is it that they play with? The usual stuff -- marbles, RC cars, molecules... Okay, so that last one isn't exactly "usual," but this is a video game, so uncommon things are expected.
Many have panned My Street for being too short and lacking on variety. It’s true, the game could use about double the number of mini games that are included here. However, it does do a great job at what it offers. Nearly all of the games are charming and fun – even if they’re not all that original, and the added appeal of online gaming solves the problem of having a party game but no friends to party with. That being said, the game feels like a test or an experiment on Sony’s part. As though they were merely trying to get their feet wet to see if people will buy into the whole online party game thing. Let’s just hope that next time they go all out and provide party gamers with more depth.
IGN (Mar 11, 2003)
But who says online games have to be about being a secret government agent or racing hundreds of exotic (and not so exotic) cars from around the world? What about having a simple and innocent good time playing some simple and innocent games based on classics that many of us still hold dear to our heart? Sony's answer is My Street, a collection of mini-games that can be played online (or not), and the results are more nostalgic than they are deep, but whoever said that was a bad thing?
Darkstation (Mar 21, 2003)
My Street in most cases fails to do anything, which will keep anyone interested for a long period of time. The online play is nice to see available but it’s too bad they didn’t do more with it to make it a better online experience. This is not a bad game, but a game that you can easily see could be a lot better.
55 (Nov 11, 2003)
Fangen wir mit dem positiven an: My Street ist besonders für die ganz kleinen Playstation-Spieler geeignet, da alle Minigames mit einem einfachen Spielprinzip aufwarten können und absolut gewaltfrei sind. Bei Spielesessions mit Freunden kann My Street zumindest anfangs mit den 7 unterschiedlichen Mini-Games punkten, jedoch nach ein, zwei Stunden hat man alles gesehen. Es fehlt der Kompilation an Abwechslung und Langzeitmotivationsfaktoren, wie beispielsweise das Freispielen von neuen Features oder Goodies. Der Online-Modus ist zwar nett, aber auch für diesen gilt, dass die richtige Spannung bei den Mini-Games nicht so recht aufkommen mag.
Game Over Online (May 20, 2003)
In the end, My Street comes off as an online party game that could have been worth playing if not for the fact that outside of a minigame or two, it just isn’t fun. The single-player story mode is uninspired and poorly executed, and the online component suffers from a serious lack of competition and more-than-occasional lag. If Idol Minds had spent more time with the minigames they included and took the time to include more, than My Street may have had a chance in the Mario Party dominated genre, but as it stands this is a thoroughly bad game that should be avoided at all costs.
50 (Nov 19, 2003)
Bénéficiant d'une bonne dose d'originalité concernant le mode histoire, My Street défaille au niveau du principe même et d'un intérêt jamais renouvelé, car absent. Amusant à la rigueur, concernant un ou deux mini-jeux, le soft n'atteint pas le rythme et la convivialité d'affrontements sans pitié, déchirant sa chemise et sautant les deux pieds en avant sur ses compagnons, d'un Mario Party. Si l'on vous laisse le choix des armes sur PS2, optez plutôt pour Crash Bash. Ou même encore faites vous-même des courses de tondeuses. Mais, je ne serai en aucun cas responsable de la suite des évènements.
It should also be noted that each activity features some of the most annoying taunts yet heard in a game, and the interface uses irritating words like "whatever," "yeah," and "nah" in place of "okay," "yes," and "no," but as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. My Street is a sound concept that should have played up the neighborhood aspect a bit more and offered a larger environment with which to interact. By building the entire title around only seven mini-games, My Street doesn't have nearly enough depth to keep players occupied for extended periods of time -- even with online multiplayer support and a great character editor. My Street is a passable title that will need some major construction (or at least some rezoning) if it hopes to become a thriving property for Sony.
Gameplanet (Nov 28, 2003)
While we definitely can't put a recommended stamp on My Street at its retail price, a purchase from the low-priced bargain bin it'll inevitably end up in may allow parents to add to a younger gamer's small collection of age-suitable titles. Try before you buy.
50 (Nov 26, 2003)
If you're looking for an evening of fun with all your friends, “My Street” can keep you occupied and entertained for a few hours. However, I would either rent or borrow it as there are better games to spend €60.
GameDaily (Dec 31, 2003)
Gaming was once a pastime reserved for the younger generation. Titles such as Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong were designed with the younger crowd in mind. Now, games have evolved into a fun leisure activity for all ages. Games targeted at the younger crowd are now few and far between. However, every year some unknown third party developer releases a title that's aimed at the youth of the world. My Street falls into this category as one of the few games your five year old brother can get into without having too many problems.
GameSpot (Mar 13, 2003)
My Street, the new party game from Idol Minds, attempts to up the ante for party games by taking the whole affair online. This one step forward, however, is negated by a meager selection of games and some fundamentally poor design choices.
Men eftersom minispelen är ganska banala, blir inte heller det någon riktig utmaning. Egentligen är det synd, för jag såg verkligen fram emot att jaga kycklingar och klippa gräs. Utan sällskap tröttnar jag dock direkt.
40 (UK) (Oct 01, 2003)
When you're ten years-old, parties are basically the best thing ever. Or they were the way I remember them. The simple pleasures of Jelly and Ice Cream, radioactive pop, followed by a clip round the ear for breaking everything to the soundtrack of Baggy Trousers bring us over all nostalgic.
GamePro (US) (Mar 12, 2003)
My Street takes party games and tries to give them a neighborhood context. As the literal new kid on the block, you'll explore your tiny town and meet all the main stereotypes - the science nerd, the farm girl, the dreadlocked beach bum who says 'brah' a lot, and more. As you meet other kids and beat them at their favorite games - magnetic marbles, dodgeball, R/C car racing - you'll unlock more games and activities.
Gamezilla (Mar 27, 2003)
I'd say that My Street would be a solid purchase if it weren't for the small flaws present in the title. If the mini-games were easier to play, and there were more of them, paired with an adventure mode that wasn't quite such a throwaway piece of gameplay, this would be a really good title. As it stands, I'd suggest renting it. There's just not enough here to justify my recommendation to purchase, even though it's really, really, really close.
Gaming Target (Apr 15, 2003)
My Street is a sad excuse for a video game. I hate to say this, but it is the down and dirty truth. There are so few redeeming qualities that it made me ashamed to play and think about it. Please, do yourself and myself a favor and avoid this game at all costs. If it is the only thing I can ever do for someone in my lifetime, telling them to steer clear of My Street would be it.
GameSpy (Mar 25, 2003)
Nintendo has a habit of creating gaming genres left and right, and everyone else has a habit of trying to copy them. With Mario Party, Nintendo invented the party game, and no company has yet to successfully mimic its quality or appeal. Unfortunately, this hasn't stopped Sony and Cool Boarders developer Idol Minds from trying -- My Street is the worst party game to date.
Gaming Age (Apr 17, 2003)
Writing and design for children is one of the easiest things to get wrong. There's a fine line between cute and annoying, and My Street takes giant strides across it. The one feature My Street had going for it, online play, fails to deliver on any level. One or two original, addictive mini games would have made all the difference and maybe even made the rest of the game more bearable. As it is, if you need simple, watered-down, sterile games to distract your young kid, My Street might be ok. But it won't hold his or her attention for long, and if you think they might one day turn to you and ask you to play along, run. In an effort to reach a broad audience My Street, judging by the online traffic, has failed to reach anyone.
Game Revolution (Mar 01, 2003)
My Street might have had some potential, but 7 weak mini-games do not make for a good game. With only 2 out of the 7 warranting continual play, I'd say that's a pretty pathetic batting average. If you move into My Street, you'll probably move out later that day.
Gaming Nexus (Mar 19, 2003)
While the concept and idea behind the game is pretty cool I can’t help but give the game a low rating. Sure I love the premise, I mean who doesn’t dream about being 12 and running around the school yard every now and then, but while it may have sounded good on paper, it’s rather abysmal in practice. It’s not fun for children, it’s not fun for adults and it’s definitely not fun for the teenagers. Unless you’re searching for a reason, albeit a weak one, to justify the purchase of your network adaptor, avoid this one at all costs.