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A final thought: you know how there are red and blue Pokemon games and now they're coming out with a yellow Pikachu version? They should have added some yellow Pikachu pages to Myst.
I was surprised at the level of story there was in Myst. All of the loathers have been getting to me, I guess, because I remembered it as a series of puzzles that lead to a conclusion, but it actually has a pretty strong fantasy plot. Replaying it brought back a lot of fond gaming memories. I actually remembered quite a bit with regard to the puzzle solutions (I guess because I strained my brain so hard the first time around that it all got hardwired), and so I found it not so fun the second time through (but it went fast!). Thus, I would recommend buying this new version only if you haven't played Myst before or if you played it years ago in Win 3.1 and now want to try it again on your more up-to-date system. However, if either of these two are the case—go for it!
85 (Jun 23, 2006)
Se lancer pour la première fois dans le jeu d'aventure Myst, c'est se sentir dans la peau de Christophe Colomb le jour où il posa pied chez l'oncle Sam. C'est découvrir un monde étrange et familier à la fois, un monde emplis de mystères, un monde clos à la beauté glaciale. Myst l'Apogée est un peu tout ça à la fois, mais il faut garder en tête que l'on a pas tous un explorateur qui dort au fond de nous, ou alors que celui-ci est parfois plus fainéant que curieux.
MacintoshHappyPuppy (Jul 24, 2000)
Was I entertained by Myst? Sure. I'm glad I got to play it again. It will bring fresh blood to the Myst fan base just in time for Myst III: Exile, which is due out in the spring of 2001. However, I'd have to advise those who already played Myst--and aren't totally jonesing for their fix--to wait until the new title arrives.
MacintoshMac Ledge (Jul 05, 2000)
If you are new to computer games and would like to find out what all that Myst-related fuss was about, Myst:ME offers a nice opportunity. The original game's graphics and sound have been deftly and discreetly enhanced by Presto Studios, and the addition of the DigitalGuide ensures that no player remains resourceless in the face of the game's challenges. Of course, even the cleverest makeover cannot entirely cover the fact that the game is seven years old, and that much of what made it such a groundbreaking title is beginning to look quite dated by now. Still, it's one of the classics and a great way to start your gaming addiction.
WindowsElectric Games (1999)
The Myst Masterpiece Edition is a good game for those who are just getting into PC gaming now. People that have played the original won't find enough new to make it worth purchasing this new version, although there is a rebate for those who own the original version. This comes at a good time though, as adventure games are few and far between these days. The updated graphics and sound keep the game from looking too dated, so newcomers to PC games won't look upon the game as "old". Bottom Line: The Masterpiece Edition is a better-looking, better-sounding version of Myst with a built-in hint system. For those who already own the game, there isn't enough here to warrant a new purchase. For those that enjoy a good adventure and have not played this classic game, the Masterpiece Edition is well worth your time.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jan, 2000)
Doch der Zahn der Zeit nagt gewaltig am einstigen Multimedia-Vorzeigestück. Sicher, Myst und Nachfolger Riven gehören noch immer zur Spitze der Render-Abenteuer, aber wie viele spielen die heute noch? 50 Märker ist allerdings ein fairer Preis für die Masterpiece Edition, die am ehesten Denk- und Knobelfans anspricht, welche keine superspannende Geschichte brauchen.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Sep, 1999)
Wer eines der erfolgreichsten CD-ROM-Spiele aller Zeiten noch nicht im Schrank hat, wird beim Kauf der Masterpiece Edition zusätzlich mit komplett neu gerenderten, prachtvollen 16,7-Millionen-Farben-Kulissen, längeren Zwischensequenzen und besserem Sound verwöhnt. Zum Vergleich: Das Original mußte mit mageren 256 Farben auskommen. Per Mausklick umherwandernd, finden Sie in Räumen und Landschaften jede Menge versteckter Details und verschlüsselter Botschaften, die Sie bei der Lösung der anspruchsvollen Denkspiel-Puzzles unterstützen.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2000)
Manchem ist selbst das x-te Recycling eines uralten Titels nicht zu peinlich. Der Render-Oldie Myst ist mittlerweile sieben Jahre alt. Da rechtfertigen auch die biedere Highcolor-Optik und die eingebaute Online-Lösung nicht den hohen Preis.
WindowsJust Adventure (Apr 17, 2002)
Okay, so here's where I stand with this game. As a game in and of itself, Myst is complete genius and I will always give it a grade A. At the time of its release, it was the most original idea with the most amazing visuals and sound. So times changed, and games became more advanced - but was it really necessary to update the technology (only marginally at that) and re-release Myst under the heading of being a grand update of the original blockbuster? In my opinion, no. If anything, I felt like this version of Myst should have had the sub-heading "Abridged" instead of "Masterpiece" due to the silly addition of the hint engine. My advice, if you want to play an updated version of Myst, go dust off your copy realMyst now that you've purchased that fancy new video card. (And for all you Mac users, realMyst for Mac shipped on April 10.) All you get with Myst Masterpiece is pretty new box art.
WindowsPC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
At times, it's an entertaining puzzle game, but that doesn't hide the fact that this is a blatant attempt to cash in on a once average but aesthetically pleasing product. There is nothing new here, and certainly nothing ingenious enough for this game to warrant having the word 'Masterpiece' in its title. Only approach if you suffer from incurable nostalgia.