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Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
Before starting the game the player must choose a save game folder. Each is represented by a game character and holds eight save games
After selecting the save game folder the player must choose a save game slot
The main menu. Most menus look like this and have a swirling purple background
Selecting Options from the main menu brings up this screen
These are the action keys for player 1.
This is the in-game help in a section entitled 'How To Play'. The background has stopped swirling now but it is still animated.
Playing a game. First the player(s) must choose their character(s) from among this lovable bunch. In this shot Player 1 is about to choose
This is the level selection. The top five are all set in the Myth Maker academy and are tutorial levels. The levels that are locked out are plain to see.
This is tutorial level 1. All that is required here is to walk forward to the exit gate
There's never any doubt when a level has been completed.
At the end of each level there is a delay while the game state is saved. Then comes this confirmation message
This is a scene from tutorial level 2.
Leaving the path means a long fall and much screaming. Play restarts at the beginning of the level.
Each character is a bit different to the others. A character picture and summary is displayed as the level loads
A scene from tutorial three.
Game world one is 'Easterville. Level one is called 'Leap Hole'
That must be the Leap Hole hole up ahead
Game world two is the Toothfairy Kingdom. The first level is called V's.
The V's level is up ahead and it illustrates a frustrating feature of the game ....
... the game's camera follows the character keeping it/him/her in the centre of the screen and often gets hidden behind the scenery
When a level is completed in Normal Mode the player can opt to go back and replay it in either of the harder modes.
The start of the level in Star Challenge mode. Red starts must be collected to unlock the gates. Gold stars are bonus points
The player must select the game resolution whenever the game is loaded. The option to use an alternate controller is available on this screen too
Falling off the track causes the player to lose all the starts they have collected up to that point. The level restarts at the beginning. The timer is also reset
Here the end has been reached but, because some red stars were missed the gate remains locked
Game world five is Christmas Land. There's some wicked banking on the track at level 1
A scene from game world 4, Halloween Town
The Escape key allows the player to restart the level and / or adjust the game's sound