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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Nintendo 64 (United States/Canada/Mexico):
    Without a doubt the best looking sports title for the console yet“

    • Hi-Rez graphics so real you’ll think you’re at tile ballpark
    • All 30 Major League learns and over 100 MLBPA players
    • All 30 stadiums 3-D rendered down to the cut of the grass
    • All-new polygonal engine and smooth skin players with real-life faces
    • Play-by-play and color calls by New York Yankees broadcasters John Sterling and Michael Kay
    • Pitchers scouted by 1991 NL MUP Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies

    • The only 4 player baseball game for the N64
    • Over 600 player motions and over 100 distinct batting stances
    • Future Throw Technology to turn lightning-quick double-plays
    • Hot/Cold zones - individual strike zones for each hatter
    • Unprecedented hatting control: push, pull, hit down a under the ball
    • Advanced pitching interlace: actual specialty pitches for each pitcher
    • Advanced fielding options: dive, jump, slide a scale the outfield wall
    • Full Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak support!

    • Trade, create, sign and release players, set pitching rotations and line-ups, create new teams, scout players and call up minor league prospects
    • Play the official 1998 schedule or a special 162-game non-interleague season
    • Four game modes including: Exhibition. Season. Playoff and Home Run Derby
    • Win end of season awards including MUP and batting titles
    • Player injuries affect game and season play
    • Track season-long player and team statistics in over 300 categories

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (229882) on May 15, 2011.
    Superb graphics, tons of general manager options and a nifty Create-A-Player option highlight Acclaim's entry in the N64 diamond Pak pennant race.

    With All-Star Baseball '99, development house Iguana (Turok, NFL Quarterback Club '98) extends its sterling rep for putting great graphics on the N64. The high-resolution visual feast includes multiple player shadows during night games, digitized photos of most players and extremely detailed texture maps -- just check out the ivy and row houses at Wrigley! In stadiums with Jumbotrons, the action on the big screen replicates that on the field.

    The athletes are fully articulated, with nice use of shading that gives them a fully rounded look. Batters are graded on multiple characteristics, including whether they are pull, straightaway or opposite-field (push) hitters. Iguana has stacked the lineup with signature stances for everyone from Roberto Alomar to Sammy Sosa. However, swings often lack grace.

    All-Star Baseball presents you with different batting cursors. For example, the power swing's cursor is smaller than the conventional swing's, while the bunting cursor is wide and flat. Each batter has a unique hot-cold icon that shows the areas of the strike zones he commands and those where he's vulnerable.

    Most pitchers hurl overhand, three-quarters, sidearm or submarine, but Hideo Nomo and knuckleballer Tim Wakefield have their own oddball motions. Each hurler has four basic pitches, selectable with the C buttons. If you don't want to telegraph your pitch location, you can turn off the pitching cursor and rely on the Rumble Pak to alert you when you're aiming out of the strike zone. You'll need to warm up a pitcher in the bullpen before calling him into the game.

    You can choose manual or automatic control of fielders, while the assist option gives you a jump on the ball. Before each pitch, you can choose from among seven infield and nine outfield setups. Once a fielder has reached a ball, he can dive or jump for it. All-Star Baseball supports both regular throws and stronger but less accurate aggressive throws.

    All-Star Baseball includes photorealistic replicas of all 30 big-league parks and options for day, night, twilight, wind and weather conditions. You can also chose from among six camera angles for batting and three angles for tracking the ball.

    There are three difficulty levels: Rookie, Veteran and All-Star. You can choose between Simulation and fast-paced Arcade mode.

    Play-by-play is called by Yankees radio announcers Michael Kay and John Sterling, whose New Yawker cadences might rub Red Sox fans (and others) the wrong way. Thanks to Acclaim's proprietary voice-compression technology, you'll hear the names of all 750 big leaguers, plus plenty of color commentary and play descriptions.

    All-Star Baseball's general manager options are terrific. You can trade, sign and release players. Diamond freaks will especially appreciate the opportunity to dip into the minor leagues to call up an AAA-quality player. The Create-a-Player option allows you to slap your name on a player's jersey and give him just about any appearance you desire. You're limited in the amount of talent you can give your creation, though.

    If you get tired of current rosters, you can draft players and create your own fantasy league. You get a choice of season, single-game, playoffs, World Series and All-Star game modes and a Home Run Derby. Seasons can range from 13 to 162 games, complete with spring training, playoffs and All-Star balloting. All-Star Baseball maintains accurate in-season stats. You also get each player's actual 1997 and lifetime stats.

    Play control, especially for batting, can be quite complex, but hey: baseball is a complex game. All in all, this is a highly realistic game that is sure to wow true-blue baseball fans.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65820) on Aug 15, 2005.

Acclaim US website - Nintendo 64:
    All-Star Baseball '99 Features:

  • Hi-Res 640 X 480 graphics- as beautiful as NFL QBC '98
  • All 30 Major League Baseball teams and over 700 MLBPA players
  • All 30 MLB stadiums 3D rendered down to the cut off the grass
  • Endorsed by Larry Walker, 1997 National League MVP
  • Programmed by Iguana- the developers of NFL QBC '98 and Turok.
  • Attach a Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak and feel the crack of big league power
  • Polygonal engine and smooth skinned characters featuring true size player models and real-life faces
  • Over 600 new motions: catcher & base runner collisions, wall catches, sliding catches, running throws, the jump pivot throw at 2nd base, rundown display ball, the broken bat, injuries, dives, kneeling throws, 30 different catches
  • Over 100 unique batting stances: from the upright Cal Ripken to the crouched Rickey Henderson
  • Pitchers scouted by Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies
  • Future Throw technology to turn lightning-quick double-plays
  • Hot/Cold zones: Individual strike zones for each batter
  • Advanced Pitching Interface: Pitchers throw their actual specialty pitches
  • Unprecedented Batting Control: push, pull, hit on top & underneath the ball
  • Multiple action and spectator views
  • Play-by-play and color calls by New York Yankee broadcasters John Sterling and Michael Kay
  • Four game modes including: Exhibition, Season, Playoff, and Home Run Derby
  • End of season awards including MVP, Gold Glove and batting titles.
  • Roster management includes: trading, creating, signing and releasing players; creating new teams, and calling up minor league prospects
  • Play the 1998 MLB schedule or special 162 game non inter-league season
  • Player injuries affect game and season play
  • Track season-long player and team statistics including individual league leaders in over 300 categories by STATS Inc.
  • In-game player highlights feature color photos and stat updates

    Contributed by Xoleras (66738) on Sep 05, 2004.

U.S. print ad:
    The Only Hi-Rez Baseball Game on N64.
    Smooth skin polygonal players in majestic 3D rendered stadiums.

    The Only 4-Player Baseball Game on N64.
    Play 4 on a team or split up the sides.

    All 30 MLB Teams and Over 700 Players.
    Track season-long stats in over 200 categories.

    Advanced Major League Strategy.
    Scouting Reports by Larry Walker, 1997 NL Home Run King.

    600 All-New Animations.
    Outfielders climbing walls, 100 unique batting stances, plus Future-Throw Technology to turn lightning-quick double plays.

    Total Team Management.
    Trade, create, sign or release players and call up Minor League prospects.

    1,000 Play by Play and Color Calls.
    From the Yankees broadcast team of John Sterling and Michael Kay.

    Full Rumble Pak Support.
    Feel every crack of the bat, home plate collision and line drive grab.

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on Apr 28, 2004.