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Advertising Blurbs

Titus Software Press Release (Aug. 25, 1997):


    Los Angeles, CA August 25, 1997-- There's a French Revolution going on in video and PC gaming... and TITUS is its name.

    Founded in Paris in 1985 by enterprising brothers Herve and Eric Caen, TITUS SOFTWARE has quickly grown into one of the industry's leading multi-platform game developers both in the U.S. and abroad, with offices in Paris, London and Los Angeles. And now, as a publicly-held company on the European Stock Exchange since 1996, it has its sights set on American market leadership, with an extensive product and promotion program leading the way.

    Setting the pace is today's most highly anticipated racing game for Nintendo 64-- LAMBORGHINI "64". Just like its world-class namesake car, this outstanding game will set new standards with its one-to-four player simultaneous play, horizontal and vertical split screen options, compatibility with Nintendo's "Rumble Pak" and the ability to save scores with the "controller pak."

    Add to those such great features as pit stops, six challenging racetracks and four different racing styles (each with user-friendly counts), and you come away with an awesome high-performance game. So it's no wonder that all N64 websites have been besieged with tens of thousands of hits from gamers worldwide anxiously awaiting the release of LAMBORGHINI "64".


    The launch of LAMBORGHINI "64" will be supported with a major marketing campaign. Leading the way will be a pulse-pounding action TV commercial scheduled for test markets in October with a planned national rollout in time for the holiday season. Also on tap is an extensive print and online advertising program, and a host of tie-in activities including sweepstakes and tournaments with such high-profile partners as MAD CATZ, NINTENDO POWER and top retailers.

    Leading this marketing effort is SG? Marketing Services Inc., headed by Sam Goldberg, former Vice President/ Marketing for ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT. Goldberg's award-winning credits include integrated marketing campaigns for two of the best selling video games of all time... MORTAL KOMBAT and NBA JAM. The SG? team has equally high expectations for TITUS' LAMBORGHINI "64" and its other upcoming releases.

    TITUS Looks Ahead

    "We see LAMBORGHINI "64" as more than a great game," said Herve Caen, President of TITUS. "With its equally great name and play value," he continued, "it is the perfect profile for our ongoing program of brand positioning."

    "Our commitment is to a corporate strategy that targets video game rights to high profile licensed properties," explained Mr. Caen, "developing great playing, well designed games based on those properties and the aggressively promoting and advertising them."

    "What we will not do is license anything timed to a theatrical release unless we can devote a minimum of 18 months on development," added his brother and vice president, Eric Caen. "The industry's battlefield is littered with failures caused by such poor planning... but that will never be the TITUS way."

    With a low bow to the Lamborghini logo, TITUS SOFTWARE is "grabbing the bull by the horns," noted Mr. Caen. "However, although we're on a fast track," he concluded, "we have a very clear picture of where we are going at all times... and we will stay true to that course."

    Contributed by Jeanne (76469) on Sep 17, 2007. - Nintendo 64:
    Lay rubber through spectacular landscapes with Titus's Automobili Lamborghini! Six first-class circuits wind though mountains, past waterfalls and under ancient ruins. Great graphics effects, including light flares on your windshield, will take your breath away. But it's the goods under the hood that will have speed freaks salivating.

    Racers will have their choice of eight of the world's speediest -- and -- sports cars, including Lamborghinis, Porsches and Ferraris. Even magnificent machines can break down, though, so you'll have to make pit stops if you've turned on the car damage option for long races.

    Automobili Lamborghini's play control amply supports the tight handling of these world-class cars. Rumble Pak support adds to the sense of you-are-there.

    The pak emphasizes dueling with other racers over grueling tracks. To that end, artificial intelligence is smart and realistic, with rival cars trying to block you and pulling other high-speed tactics. You'll frequently have to thread through swarming packs if you want to grab the checkered flag. Four-player support adds to the party value of this game.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65820) on Apr 26, 2005.