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Banjo-Kazooie Credits

61 people (55 developers, 6 thanks)

Game Credits for Banjo-Kazooie

Chief of Ideas (Project Leader and Lead Game Designer)Gregg Mayles ('Grunty')
Other Ideas (Additional Game Design)George Andreas ('Blubber')
Chief Keyboard Tapper (Lead Software Engineer)Chris Sutherland ('Snacker')
Deputy Keyboard Tappers (Senior Software Engineers)Morten Brodersen ('Buzzbomb'), Paul J. Machacek ('Big‑Clucker'), Graham Smith ('Snippet')
Keyboard Tappers (Software Engineers)Kieran Connell ('Conga'), Rhys Lewis ('Lockup')
Other Keyboard Tapping (Additional Software Engineering)Mark Wilson ('Motzand')
Chief Scribbler (Art Director and Lead Character Artist)Steve Mayles ('Dingpot')
Cartoony Bits and More Scribbling (Character Artist and Animator)Ed Bryan ('Jinjo')
Scene Crayoner (Background and Layout Artist)Steven Hurst ('Sandybutt')
More Sketching (Technical Artist)John Nash ('Napper')
Other Doodling (Additional Art)Chris Peil ('Chompa'), Kevin Bayliss (uncredited)
Big Noise Maker (Music composed and performed by)Grant Kirkhope ('Clanker')
Chief Free Player (Head of Rare QA)Huw Ward ('Wozza')
Rare Free Players (Rare Testing Team)Steven Brand ('Shrapnel'), Gareth Glover ('Groggy'), Gavin Hood ('Grublin'), Steve Malpass ('Mr. Vile'), Adam Munton ('Moggy'), Shaun Read ('Soggy'), Jamie Williams ('Jinxy'), Andrew Wilson ('Whiplash'), David Wong ('Colliwobble')
NOA Free Players (NOA Testing Team)Todd Buechele ('Bigbutt'), Dougall Campbell ('Croctus'), Kyle Carlson ('Chinker'), Brent Clearman ('Boom Box'), Sean Egan ('Eyrie'), William Giese ('Gruntling'), Thomas Hertzog ('Trunker'), Michael Kelbaugh ('Klungo'), Sara Osborne ('Snarebear'), Patrick Taylor ('Tee-Hee')
NCL Free Players (NCL Testing Team)Super Mario Club
Paper Pushers (Producers)Simon Farmer ('Loggo'), Eileen Hochberg ('Tooty')
Spell Book (Manual)Leigh Loveday ('Leaky')
Word Swopping (Translation)Keisuke Terasaki, Masashi Goto, Naruhisa Kawano, Yasuhiro Sakai, Hisashi Nogami
Strange Noise Makers (Voice Actors)Chris Sutherland (as Banjo, Kazooie [uncredited]), Grant Kirkhope (as Mumbo Jumbo / Jinjos, Gruntlings, Mansion Pots [uncredited]), Eveline Novakovic ('Twinklies' [as Tooty, Brentilda]), Lee Ray ('Ripper' [as Bottles]), Chris Seavor ('Slappa' [as Gruntilda])
NOA Big ThanksKen Lobb ('Flibbit')
Big Cheese ThanksHiroshi Yamauchi (as Mr. Yamauchi), Minoru Arakawa ('Mumbo-Jumbo' [as Mr. Arakawa]), Howard Lincoln ('Limbo'), Manabu Fukuda ('Mum-Mum' [as Mr. Fukuda]), Gail Tilden ('Gnawty')
Bean CountingJoel Hochberg ('Grabba')
Moving 'n' Shaking (Executive Producer)Tim Stamper ('Tanktup')
Hardware SupportPete Cox (uncredited)
Copyright 1998Nintendo-Rare Ltd.
Game byRare™
Produced byRare
Presented byNintendo

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Pelensky (420), Valeran (3189) and Freeman (64426)