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Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    Far from a direct port of the hit PC game, Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs features new modes and a game engine optimized for the N64.

    In Arcade mode, you're a hover-tank pilot, heck-bent on blasting everything in sight. In the one-player Pilot mode, you're a hover-tank pilot who must fulfill demanding missions.

    In the strategically oriented Commander mode, you obtain and store resources, manufacture new units and command units in battle. The widely varying mission objectives include reconnaissance, defense, offense and establishing and maintaining bases.

    In the two-player Pitched Battle, each player commands a squad of teammates. In four-player Death Match, it's every soldier for himself.

    Wisely, developer Climax Studios included a comprehensive series of training scenarios.

    The Turok-like controls use the C buttons to control movement direction and the Control Stick to aim up and down. The B Button turns off and on the cockpit view or, if you're on foot, switches between a first-person and third-person viewpoint. The R Button initiates vertical thrusters in vehicles.

    Battlezone features more than 30 different weapons, including a mortar, minigun, plasma gun and something called the "Thumper" which, presumably, shares nothing but a name with Bambi's rabbity pal.

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Press Release - Nintendo 64:

    Elite Space Defense Force Expose Space Secrets in
    Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs

    Los Angeles, CA- December 21, 1999 - Crave Entertainment's upcoming Nintendo 64 title, Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs(, is set to blow the lid off the government's ongoing alien cover-ups. The Black Dogs, an elite fighting force previously unplayable in the Battlezone games, are on a tell-the-truth-or-die mission back to Earth in an effort to let the civilized world know of the crazed warfare taking place millions of miles away.

    "With the Nintendo 64 version of Battlezone, we have the opportunity to deliver three distinct games in one, " said Holly Newman, Executive Vice President of Publishing. "Now you can play as the Black Dog Squadron and in either Pilot or Commander mode, which all offer a diverse gaming experience for both RTS and action game fans."

    The exclusive campaign in the Nintendo 64 version features the Black Dogs, an elite squad of the National Space Defense Force's toughest men, completely unknown to the American public. More than 99% of those who try out for the Black Dogs do not make the squad, it is only for the privileged few. When no other band of soldiers can complete the operation, the NSDF call in the Black Dogs to infiltrate and obliterate, leaving nothing behind but smoke and ash.

    Slowly, the Black Dog forces have been dwindling in number. On their latest mission, they have come to realize that they have been lied to and are now determined to get back to Earth and tell the world about the conspiracy going on in the outer reaches of space. It won't be easy to get back to Earth. The Americans have convinced the Soviets that the Black Dogs have been driven insane by the alien relics, and now the Black Dogs have little chance for escape.

    In all, Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs features over 35 missions, split up among the Americans, Soviets, and Black Dog campaigns. The Black Dog missions introduce a secret new weapon technology known as the "Mammoth," a monster-sized, lumbering tank that can obliterate buildings in a single shot. In one mission, the Black Dogs have to steal this technology, create their own version of the Mammoth tank, and then battle the Soviet version of the tank. Also unique to the campaign is the Black Dog infantry, a tougher form of infantry with unlimited sniper shots. The Black Dog campaign picks up where the storyline left off in the Soviet campaign. The odds are against them, but they can do it!

    Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs is slated for a first quarter release.

    About Crave Entertainment
    Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with offices in Paris, London and Hamburg,
    Crave Entertainment is a privately held publisher of innovative videogame entertainment products for the major console platforms including Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, the Sony PlayStation, and PC. More information about Crave Entertainment is available at


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