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Beetle Adventure Racing! Credits

Paradigm Entertainment, Inc.

Lead EngineerRichard A. Baker
Software Engineers Francesco Gigliotti, James Richmond, H. Sam Perera, Mike Bienvenu, Angus Henderson, Drew Powers, Mark Beardsley, Rick Weyrauch
Lead Artist David Krueger
Art Director Shawn Wright
3D Artists Robert A. Gaines, Chris Oliver, Ben Groves, Mark Grigsby, Dave C. Wallin, Lewis M. Walden III, Raymond Arriaga, Howard Hanna
Sound Designer J. D. Smith
Music Support Brenden Tennant
ProducerJim Galis
Special Thanks David Szymczyk, Wes Hoffman, Mahdad G. Ansari, Dave Gatchel, All the others at PEI who make this possible.

Electronic Arts, Inc.

Game DesignScott Blackwood, Scott Jackson
ProducerScott Blackwood
Assistant ProducerBrooke Burgess
Localization ProducerSerena Whitters
Senior ProducerHanno Lemke
Executive ProducerSam Nelson
Art DirectorScott Jackson
Art ConsultantSheila Nash
Conceptual Track ArtShaun Hayes-Holgate
Technical ConsultantTom Loughry
Music CompositionPhil Western, Scott Blackwood, Brenden Tennant
Vocal TalentDavid Kaye, Blu Mankuma
Speech EditingRon Coté
Product ManagerPeter Royea
Director, Product DevelopmentBrian Wideen
Development DirectorJ. David Elton
Production Co‑OrdinatorXenia Mul
QA Project Co‑OrdinatorRod Higo
QA Project LeadGordon Thornton
QA Project Assistant LeadsJason DeLong, Kyle Seller
QA Project TestersEarl Berkeley, Tim Dale, Mike Gascoigne, Andrew Hendricks, Paul Inouye, Octavio Izzuralde, Thomas Kennedy, Willie Loh, Griffin Mitchell, Avinash Narayan, Ryan Santos, Paul Spears, Jim Steel, Martin Waisel, Jeff Yu
EA CQCAnatol Somerville, Benjamin Crick, Etienne Grunenwald-Rohr, Daniel Hiatt, Bobby Joe, Michael Jung
Language Testing ‑ CoordinatorsIain Hancock, Simon Davison
German (Localization) ManagerBianca Normann
German Version ManagerHans-Jörg Brand
TranslationsBettina Bachon, Michaela Bartelt
German Language Testing Frank Gördes, Alexander Golubowitsch
French Version Localization ManagerChristine Jean
Quality Assurance ManagerLionel Berrodier
French Version TranslationNathalie Fernandez, Sandra Picaper
French Language TestingFrédéric Faye, Sylvain Caburrosso
Quality AssuranceSamy Benromdhane
Special ThanksRobert MacDonald, Brad Gour, Saki Kaskamanidis, Crispin Hands, Bruce MacKinnon, Dwayne Wudrich, Simon Craghead, Ted Sylka, Mr. Bischoff, Mr. Breust, Dr. Biermann, Mrs. Gour, Adam MacKay-Smith

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