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Bio Freaks Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Character selection screen
Ripping off both of Zipperhead's arms in Practice Mode.
Bullzeye kicking Psyclown.
Purge using Fanning Flames on Minatek.
Ultimate victory
Minatek's battle intro
Bullzeye loses an arm from Zipperhed but quickly counterattacks.
Minatek vs Purge screen
Bullzeye using Rocket Climb on Ssapo.
Bullzeye's winning pose
Minatek fighting with the shield on.
Zipperhead shooting Delta from close range.
Bullzeye shooting Ssapo.
Delta shooting Sabotage.
Sabotage's winning pose
Delta using Rising Turbo Top on Minatek.
Psyclown using Golf Swing on Bullzeye.
Zipperhead vs Sabotage screen
Psyclown using Foot Smash on Bullzeye.
Minatek using Mace Cannon on Delta.
Minatek giving a punch in the air.
Ssapo uses Energy Spread but Delta counterattacks.
Purge's battle intro
Zipperhead and Sabotage shooting each other in the air.
That's gotta hurt.
Ssapo's battle intro
Purge's charge attack to Delta
Bulzeye vs Delta screen
Ssapo using Jaws to Delta.
Sabotage firing and Psyclown charging.
Purge using Burning Pot while Zipperhead's shielding.
Sabotage high-kicking Psyclown.
Sabotage using Javelin Toss on Delta.
Minatek throwing his opponent out of the stage limits.
Sabotage using Short Circuit.
Ssapo vs Psyclown screen
Purge using Flame Pillars on Bullzeye.
Delta's battle intro
Use shield
Fight in air
Metal Minatek