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Cruis'n USA Credits

Coin-Op Team

DirectorEugene P. Jarvis
Additional CodeEugene P. Jarvis, Carl Mey
SoftwareEric L. Pribyl
3‑D Art DesignXion Cooper, Ted Barber, John Watson
Music, GuitarVincent Pontarelli
Sound EffectsMatthew V. Booty
Logo ArtJohn Youssi
Voice CastGingi Lahera (Race Announcer), Jeff Morrow (Cruis'n Vocals)
CastKathryn Garrison (Starting Girl), Anutza Herling (Trophy Girl), Sal DiVita (Beefcake Boy)

Nintendo 64 Team

Game ProgrammingDetmar Peterke, Steven Ranck
ArtGreg Newton
Sound ProgrammingScott Patterson
MusicOrpheus Hanley
Sound FXOrpheus Hanley
Additional ArtMr. E
Lead TesterPeter Chang
TestingAnthony Washington, Amin Hariri, Sunny T. Chu


Special Thanks ToHiroshi Yamauchi, Minoru Arakawa, Howard Lincoln, Manabu Fukuda, Ken Lobb, Brian Johnson
Nintendo Product TestingMichael Kelbaugh, Tim Bechtel, Chris Needham, Richard S. Richardson, Benjamin Smith, Robert Johnson, Thomas Hertzog, Isaac Marshall, David C. Bridgham, Product Testing Workpool
Developed byWilliams Entertainment Inc.

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