Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)

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Written by  :  SamandMax (78)
Written on  :  Sep 05, 2001
Platform  :  Nintendo 64

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Very Good Game Marred by Item Collecting

The Good

A lot of things.It looked very good with large and beautiful levels.Also,the game was fun to play and it's perfect for all ages.Although the camera is a little tricky,the controls work very well and have managed to capture the feel of the old SNES platformers quite well.And,it's a large and challenging game that will make any played have at least 20 hours of gameplaying,probaly more.

The Bad

It's just too complicated.There's some many things you have to collect:Small bananas,muscial notes,coins,big bananas and blueprints.This makes the game very tedious and it can get boring after playing for tens of hours.Also,the very weak multiplayer seemed to be a last minute and it shows.It features poorly designed levels and isn't much fun to play.

The Bottom Line

Even with its problems,RARE has created a very good game.Now,there is many platform games on the 64 and if you don't like them,stay away from this game because it's one of the harder,bigger,and sometimes more tedious than the other ones.