Advertising Blurbs - Nintendo 64:

    There's no need for a second opinion: Dr. Mario is feverishly fun!

    Is there a plumber in the house?

    We've all been there. Lying in bed with a sky-high fever, vibrating like a tweaked-out Rumble Pak from the chills and pouring bucket-loads of snot into sweat-drenched shirt sleeves. Now, the time has come for us all to take revenge on the nasty viruses which have plagued us over the years, by pummeling them with pills in Dr. Mario 64!

    Mario earned the title "Dr." in 1990, and immediately began battling flu bugs and squashing germs on the original NES. Since then, he's fought disease on Game Boy and the Super NES, and now he's moved on to deliver vaccinations and vanquish viruses on Nintendo 64.

    Dr. Mario 64 is an intense puzzle game which challenges gamers to wipe out swarming masses of virus bugs using multi-colored pills. The object of the game is to match up the color of each virus with a pill of the same color. Line up four sections of the same color, and the virus is eliminated. If the invading army of viruses withstands your attack, the playing field will fill up with pills and you'll lose the battle.

    The N64 version of Dr. Mario features souped-up graphics, a killer soundtrack and all-new ways to play. An engrossing Story Mode allows you to play as either Mario or Wario on a mad dash to recover Dr. Mario's stolen MegaVitamins. You'll battle a crazy cast of characters on the road to victory, and you just might discover a secret character or two by performing exceptionally well.

    By far, the most appealing aspect of Dr. Mario 64 is its incredibly intense Multiplayer Mode. One player can compete against any combination of three human or CPU-controlled players, dumping discarded pill pieces on the competition by completing combos. Other fun modes of play include Flash Mode (eliminate only the flu bugs that are flashing), Score Attack Mode (race against the clock to score as many points as possible), and Classic Mode (go back in time to play the original NES version of Dr. Mario from 1990).

    If you're a fan of puzzle games, you don't want to miss this instantly addictive addition to the Dr. Mario series. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo 64, Dr. Mario 64 is in stores now.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65852) on Apr 27, 2005.