GoldenEye 007 Hints (Nintendo 64)

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Mysterious floating doorsContributed by Matt Neuteboom (989) on Oct 06, 2005.

There are two floating doors in the frigate that can't be seen normally, but if you pull off a trick then they can be seen. Like much of the stuff in Goldeneye, the doors were not deleted after the level was changed (Rare seems to forget to delete a lot of changed stuff don't they?). You probably know that there are doorways without doors inside the frigate. However, for a certain set of doorways, the doors are actually still there, you just cant see them or interact with them. You actually walk through them all the time! If you pull off a trick, you can get to an angle where those doors are still visible.

In order to see the doors, you need to use the Tiny Bond hover cheat. If you don't know what that is, have Tiny Bond mode on, crouch (R + C Down) and try and walk down a staircase. You'll float through midair! Go to the staircase heading down to the engine room and use the floating technique. Crouch in Tiny Bond mode and walk forward across the staircase and you will begin to float. You will eventually hit the wall, but don't worry, you float right through them while doing this trick. You'll float over until you see the first floating door in front of you. You can open this door in midair, and you can go through it. Once you do that, turn right, and you can see another floating door. You cannot walk over to this one however, as you will fall back down onto the floor.

It's nothing that interesting, but if you plant a mine on one of the doors, and go back to the doorway that it is in, and detonate the mine, an explosion will happen right in front of you, proof that the door is in fact there.

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