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GoldenEye 007 Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Stylish intro
Main menu
Mission briefing
Starting location. Let's get straight to business!..
Each level starts with such panoramic scene
Your watch serves as an in-game menu
Sometimes the intrepid agent will have to crawl through vents. Careful with the suit, dude
Some outdoor levels are large and have an open layout
Up close and personal with an enemy in a shack
If you thought the last level was vast, how about a real Siberian plateau?..
Mission objectives in the pause menu
A few scenes play out with real-time dialogue accompanying the action
Check out the map in this lab!..
Judo Chop!
When you die the screen goes red, as in the intro
A barrel explodes
A 'No Secret Agents' sign
Don't get the scientists angry!
Confrontation on the Dam level
Protect yourself with body armour
One of the two levels where you can ride a tank
Stylish train level
"Archives" level
Use the laser watch to escape through a panel in the floor
Completed a level
Rescue the hostage
A scene from the famous "Facility" level
New weapon. Nice interior location. The enemy tries hard to materialize through the door
Those guys attack me all together, and all I do is pat one of them on the shoulder?..
This interesting level takes place on a ship
Each level also shows you our hero getting ready for action
Soldiers posing in a Leningrad park in front of Soviet paraphernalia
Stage selection
Leningrad, street levels
Wee!.. Ma, look at me, I'm riding a tank!..
This is what you see when you get hurt...
Watching Natasha in the jungle level. Your mission is to protect her
Intense jungle fight!..
Throwing mines in a cavern
Nearing the end of the game. Tough level on a suspended bridge
Extra stage with Aztec thematics and a lot of explosions
Nice floors and plenty of enemies in this Egyptian level