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Back of Box - N64 (US):

    Are you ready for the most realistic soccer game the world has ever seen?

    • Incredible seamless game control.
    • Awesome animation with over 17,000 motion-captured animations.
    • Live, intelligent commentary.
    • Every conceivable soccer move from headers to heal passes.
    • Multiple formations to team strategies.
    • Trade-create your own players.
    • 36 international teams with 16 players per team.
    • Everything a soccer fan wants!
    Get ready for International Superstar Soccer 64.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Jun 03, 2007.
    Superb play control, brilliant artificial intelligence, outstanding graphics and some dazzling options have convinced many that International Superstar Soccer 64 is one of the greatest sports video games ever made. It sports a full arsenal of soccer moves, including kick, slide, lob, pass, feint and tackle. This game has a mode for every mood--six modes in all: Open Game, Penalty Kick, International, Scenario, World League and Training. Each team is based on official FIFA statistics, although player names have been fictionalized. You can also turn up the pressure in International mode.

    This game's fanatical attention to detail even lets you choose a lenient or hard-nosed referee. For a true slash-and-burn strategy, turn the fouls off. ISS 64 also supports different camera angles, day or night games and clear, rainy or snowy field conditions. Your goalie can be set to automatic, semiautomatic or manual control. You can also set the game length, difficulty level and turn the commentary on or off among other options.

    The Create Player option lets you customize 24 players according to position and abilities, and you can even pick one of 32 faces for your superstar. When you're done, put your players on any of the 36 teams and save the results on a Controller Pak. You can even replace a roster of 16 with all custom players. Choose from 16 tactical formations and eight strategies, including All Offense, All Defense, Offside Trap and Counterattack. Whether you crave a fully loaded soccer sim or straight-up action, International Superstar Soccer 64 delivers.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65847) on Aug 16, 2005.

Press Release:


    International Superstar Soccer 64 Sets New Standards For Sports Games

    Buffalo Grove, IL, August 8, 1997 -- Konami of America, Inc., the leading developer of electronic entertainment for the home video game and coin-op markets, announces the shipping of its first game for Nintendo 64 with International Superstar Soccer 64.

    "We're thrilled to be debuting International Superstar Soccer 64 as our first N64 system title," said Mark Porwit, vice president, Planning. "This truly is the best soccer game ever released and as one of the first game developers to release an N64 game, Konami of America, Inc. is excited to be partnered with Nintendo in leading the pack with such an impressive title. We know that we're up for the challenge of creating exciting games for the N64."

    Electronic Gaming Monthly's special issue, Video Games for the Nintendo 64, noted, "This is quite simply the best soccer game ever created. If you want a sports game for your Nintendo 64, this should be the first one you buy. Never before has a soccer game been so realistic and yet so much fun to play at the same time." Next Generation's August issue gives the game a five-star, Revolutionary rating and notes, "Konami leads the field in soccer games and gives the N64 one of its best games yet." August's Gamepro raves, "Konami's Superstar Soccer outshines FIFA. International Superstar Soccer leaps straight to the top, rocketing past EA Sports' FIFA Soccer with addictive gameplay, excellent features and eye-catching graphics."

    Over 17,000 character movement animations, motion capture tracing technologies and full polygon graphics provide International Superstar Soccer 64 with the most realistic animations of any soccer game available. An excess of 500 different words and phrases including commentary and crowd reactions add to the stunning realism of this game.

    International Superstar Soccer 64 allows the gamer to choose from 36 teams, plus six all-star teams. Additionally, players can enjoy the realistic game settings that have been created based on real soccer strategies. There are four offensive strategies including Full Offense, Middle Attack, Sideline Attack and Counter Attack and four defensive strategies including Full Defense, Pressure Up, Zone Press and Offsides Trap. Basic movements such as pass and kick are made by simple button settings. Once a player feels comfortable at the basic levels, they can change to more complicated button settings to enjoy advanced game techniques.

    "International Superstar Soccer 64 takes the Konami Sports Series to another level. Plain and simple, it is just an amazing game for the N64 platform," adds Randy Severin, senior product manager. "This game offers everything a gamer can ask for in a sports game-realistic player movements for great gameplay and tons of options. All this makes the most incredible soccer game to-date-one you have to play to truly believe."

    # # #

    Konami of America, Inc. is a leading developer of electronic entertainment properties, specializing in the home video game and coin-operated markets. In addition to the Konami Sports Series, which includes NBA In The Zone 1 & 2, MLBPA Bottom of the 9TH, International Track & Field, The Final Round and Goal Storm, Konami's consumer titles include Castlevania and Contra, among other top sellers. Konami's coin-op legacy includes such hits as Run and Gun 2 and Crypt Killer. Konami of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Konami Co., Ltd., a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on May 16, 2004.