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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Dark Matter is chasing after Ribbon the fairy
Title Screen
Level Select screen - the blue diamond shows how many crystal shards are in the level
Kirby can hurl powerup stars into other enemies to make new powers
Combining Cutter and Needle turns Kirby into a massive clamp!
Cutter and Flame produces a huge flaming sword to swing about
Spitting out an enemy
Kirby tries to suck in the opponent, but he's way too big!
Leaving the cabin
Needle power itself is lethal...
...but combine it with a bomb and you can send needles everywhere!
Flame and Bomb produces pretty fireworks
The black obstacle in the water can be destroyed with any Bomb powerup
Time Kirby's jump here to land on a bonus pickup
Kirby receives a bonus card with enemy info
A pretty looking autumn scene
Two Stone powers turn Kirby into a giant walking monolith!
Needle and Spark turns Kirby into a dangerous lightning rod
Ice and Spark turn Kirby into a fridge that spits out bonus health items
Waddle Dee helps by walking on the platform to move it
Another massive mini-boss
Bombs can be thrown further the longer you hold down the button
Two Flame powerups turn Kirby into a lethal Phoenix
Watch out for the Bronto Burts in the background - they'll fly towards you!
The Maxim Tomato restores all of Kirby's health
Wispy Woods never seems to learn - when you beat his kids, you'll have to fight him too!
World Select
You must hop over obstacles by using A to jump one space or B to jump two spaces
Bump opponents out of the way and try to catch the most fruit!
Don't be standing on the blocks as they fall! Press A to make any blocks in front of you fall