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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
The panoramic intro presents the busy Clock Town...
...as well as introduces its quirky, colorful inhabitants
You start the game deep in the forest - following some dramatic events, everything has been taken away from you
Deko Link is the first mask you'll acquire. This form allows you to gracefully float using flowers
Termina Fields are your "hub" locations; they surround the Clock Town from all sides and connect between all other major areas
Exploring the cozy, picturesque streets of Clock Town
You'll accumulate a wide variety of masks during the course of the game. Posing here with the ocarina to have a better look at the mask
Yes, you can swim. But be careful - can you see who is waiting for you ahead?..
Discovered the swamp to the south. Practicing ice arrow shooting in this place
You'll be able to get a camera and snap pictures - including of this dude with undetermined sexual orientation
Deku Link poses for the camera; a tricky platform challenge consisting of floating around the Deku palace awaits
The mask-changing animations are sometimes surprisingly dark and disturbing - as, in fact, the game itself
A large inventory with all kinds of nifty items accumulated
Link can still play songs on his ocarina - very useful for all sorts of purposes!..
Ballet? No, sir. This is Zora Link gracefully dispatching of some nasties in this sandy area
Goron Link explores the Eastern district of the Clock Town
There are many shops in the game - with eccentric sellers and very cool items you'll want to check out
Watching people locked in a perpetual kiss - only in Majora's Mask!...
Zora Link is quite the musician! Dude... quiet the rock band and learn some jazz standards, alright?..
The game has many expressive characters. Even this secretary has something coy and coquettish in her animation and speech
Anger management issues?.. I know just the solution: read the Bible. Come on, man, let's talk it over, ok?..
Hurray, I got my trusty horse Epona back!.. She likes carrots. And she can jump over fences!..
Practicing first-person grappling hook techniques in Ikana graveyard
Ikana canyon road. Be careful - enemies and boulders ahead!..
A fierce mini-boss battle. Lock-in symbol displayed
Lovely colors and hearts just walking around!..
Goron Link has discovered a secret cave with a treasure chest!
You'll have to be creative to solve some puzzles in this game. Let's just say those ice blocks weren't here when I first arrived
One of the game's few, yet large and intricate dungeons - an old castle. Mysterious symbols, ancient doors... oh my
Note to self: next time, RUN when the bomb is about to detonate
A great view from a mountain pass over Clock Town
Fighting colorful giant spiders in the world's Northern regions
Another day, another mask - Link is freezing in this Goron village. Check the great animation, snowy footprints...
Just chillin' with my horsie on the beach. I deserve a vacation, guys, what with all this time-shifting stuff
The game's marvelous first-person view - check out the light effects, birds flying around...
Zora Link can stay underwater indefinitely and just walk around on the bottom. With patience and persistence, you'll be able to explore every corner of this world!..
Mad scientists's lab - you gotta have one of those
Standing on a boat and staring at a cool-looking female pirate up close. I knew this would be better than the Bahamas