Mario Party Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Player select
Game select
Giving 10 coins to clear the path.
When all players' turns end...
...a random mini game is selected.
Game rules for Mushroom Mix-Up
Activating a trap.
Trying to throw the others into the sea.
Mini game results
Trying to get the chests at the bottom of the sea.
Luigi encountering Bowser.
The Crane mini-game
When reaching Boo you can either steal stars or coins from other players.
A bowling-like mini game
Earning a star.
Toad showing you where to get the next star.
The Mushroom Bank where you can deposit stars and coins you have earned.
The Mushroom Shop
Some of the items for sale
The Mini-Game House
Mini-Game Island map