Mario Tennis Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

The two pairs of brothers face off
Wario and new to this game, his brother Waluigi
Title screen
Main Menu
This Transfer Menu allows you to transfer players from the Game Boy game to the Nintendo 64
Select your player - the Game Boy characters appear when you transfer them across
Court Select - Some of these are unlocked after transferring GB data across
Shy Guy vs the Game Boy character, Harry
Duking it out on Wario and Waluigi's court
After winning or losing a shot, you can choose to watch a replay
In this mode, Piranha Plants spit tennis balls at you, and you must hit them back
Bowser's court is suspended above lava, and tilts!
Hit the rainbow boxes to score a bonus powerup
Yoshi loses the shot
The tilting of the court can affect the outcome of the shot
Ring Shot requires you to hit through as many rings as possible, then win the shot to add them to your total
Quick shots like service aces are not the best for Ring Shot, as you don't get many rings
DK's court has a very strong bounce
Alex returns the shot
Thirty/Love to Wario and Paratroopa
Baby Mario and Yoshi also have their own court
The Mushroom Cup Tournament Ladder
The camera pans around the court for the Mushroom Cup
If you hit your shot while in the star, your return will be more powerful
A fast serve is headed towards Luigi
A possible time paradox with Mario and Baby Mario
The score is tied!
Wario is disappointed with the result
When Boo hits the ball, it curves unpredictably
A service ace!