Mickey's Speedway USA Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Oh no! The weasels have stolen Pluto!
Mickey calls up all his friends to save Pluto!
Select your character from many Disney favorites
Main Menu - the blocks all topple when you make a selection
Pete goes for a practice run on the beach
You can powerslide with R and B simultaneously
These turbos launch you across at high speed
You can collect 'Oomph Tokens' for a higher Max Speed
When you complete Time Trial, your best lap and total time is shown
Leaves fly up as you drive over them
Mickey currently has the Tracer Chaser, which homes in on the nearest enemy
After each race, your points are totalled up, and the leader is shown
After each race, you see this map which shows your next destination
The opponents are tougher on Intermediate
The bubble around Mickey shows that he is invincible
These cans hold powerups - run into them to get one
A Baseball Chucker has been thrown - these bounce off walls
Before the race starts, the name of the location is displayed
The Grand Canyon is full of rocky bumps
Los Angeles is a very short eight-shaped track
Driving into snowdrifts on the track will slow you right down
You can shave some time off if you drive between the ice and the wall!
Vegas is chock full of neon lights - and very sharp turns!
You'll also get to drive through a red-carpeted hotel
Vegas also has you driving out in the desert
These crates drop randomly, blocking your path
You'll drive through the inside of this ship
There are steel pillars to watch out for on the edges here
Get first place in each race, and you'll receive a coveted Platinum Trophy