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GameSpot (Oct 29, 1999)
In the end, NASCAR 2000 is a better version of last year's title with more than enough new options and features to warrant a purchase by anyone who already owns NASCAR 99. If you're a fan of NASCAR and want the best NASCAR game for the N64, this is the one to get. However, if you are simply a racing-game fan who's looking for a new game, keep in mind that NASCAR 2000, while definitely one of the best NASCAR simulations ever, is still all about driving in circles until your eyes bleed.
Nascar 2000 ist für Hardcore-Nascar-Fans ganz nett. Zugegebenermaßen wüßte auch ich nicht auf Anhieb, wie man diesen Sport beleben könnte und dabei trotzdem noch realistisch bleibt. Er ist und bleibt schlicht, wie dieses Spiel. Wer Nascar ‘99 schon sein eigen nennt braucht Nascar 2000 auf keinen Fall.
Sports Gaming Network (Oct 14, 1999)
If you like NASCAR racing, but don't have NASCAR 99, and own only a N64, you may well find this game to your liking. If you already own NASCAR 99, you may not find the new version much of a change; it may be better to invest your money elsewhere. And if you own a PSX, go with the richer and deeper Playstation version. And if all you want is to acquire a new racing title, think before you buy this one--unless, that is, you really like NASCAR racing or want to see what all the fuss is. In truth, there's plenty of strategy and excitement in NASCAR racing, but console translations are not always successful in capturing these qualities.
IGN (Sep 18, 1998)
Since NASCAR 2000 would theoretically be at its best reflecting all of the little details of NASCAR racing, then as a videogame it could only be as fun and engaging as the sport it represents. The problem is, NASCAR '99 already did this and there's not enough new or improved about N2000 to warrant paying new money for the game. Considering that PSX version of N2000 is boasting new driver A.I., a create-a-driver feature and a Parappa style interactive pit stop system, it makes us wonder why at least some of those couldn't be thrown into the N64 version. A NASCAR game doesn't have much to work with anyway as far as gameplay, so adding a few standard arcade features like a more dynamic replay feature certainly wouldn't have hurt. It's not like N2000 for the N64 is a port of N99 for the PSX, since each console had its own version last year.
Gamezilla (Nov 23, 1999)
This is not my type of racing, period. I did not enjoy it at all. I really tried to give it a fair shake but I just could not get into it. I guess the game has some options that might make it more appealing to fans of NASCAR but I still think the plain graphics will be a turn off to most gamers. I prefer games that offer more variety and excitement over repetition and patience. To me, racing should not be about patience. I guess the bottom line is that if you are not a fan of NASCAR, stay far away. If you are a fan, I suggest renting first to see if you like it.
Someone in the EA camp needs to stop the madness. A new calendar year looming on the horizon is not an excuse to release a new version of a sports title that is only slightly different than the last. Such is the sad case with NASCAR 2000 for the Nintendo 64. Unlike its PlayStation cousin, NASCAR 2000 for the N64 adds very little to what was only a mediocre title to begin with. Big on features but short on exciting gameplay and fun, NASCAR 2000 is the Lincoln Town Car of racing titles. Even NASCAR faithful may want to pass on this title if they own last year’s installment. Only those individuals with three or more Jeff Gordon and/or Dale Jarrett T-shirts in their closet should consider purchasing this one.
Total! (Germany) (Jan, 2000)
Die Grafik ist keinen Deut besser als die des 99er Moduls, wobei der offenbar einzige Unterschied in einer umgestalteten Tachoanzeige besteht. Steuerung und Kameraführung belegen den letzten Platz im Rennspielgenre, womit wir beim angesprochenen Humor wären. Denn wenn ihr den nicht habt, dann könnte es durchaus passieren, dass ihr euch ein wenig grämt. Satte 150 DM hingeblättert zu haben und dann feststellen zu müssen, dass man wie im Vorjahr schon wieder danebengegriffen hat, könnte Kopfschmerzen verursachen. Unser Tipp: Es lohnt sich, die Geldbörse stecken zu lassen.