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Nintendojo (1999)
I was looking at my N64 catalogue yesterday and I'm starting to realize that the games worth keeping are 98% first party titles. It seems like only Nintendo can really get the job done. Kobe 2 is another example of this proficiency. It's certainly a game worth purchasing if you're a sports fan. The challenge is there and the gameplay is very accurate. Believe me, this game dunks ALL of its competition.
In order to compete today, sports games must have plenty of extra modes and options. NBA Courtside 2 Featuring Kobe Bryant has all the stats, modes, and coaching options we would expect to find in a first-rate sports title. The controls are fluid and intuitive, and the basic game AI is solid. The graphics are smooth and colorful, and the player models nicely mirror their real-world counterparts. Plus it has an arcade mode that is as fun as any Jam title out there. The N64 is not known as a great sports platform, but if more titles like this one are released, that could change.
Total! (Germany) (Jan, 2000)
NBA Courtside 2 – Featuring Kobe Bryant spielt sich ebenso hervorragend, wie es aussieht und ist somit jedem echten Basketball-Fan mit einem NSTC-N64 wärmstens zu empfehlen.
War die Grafik des ersten NBA Courtside-Games schon besser als die der Konkurrenz, legt Left Side jetzt noch ein paar detailliertere Gesichtszüge drauf. Es ist nun beileibe kein Problem mehr, Spieler wie Scottie Pippen oder Shaquille O‘Neal im Replay zu erkennen. Bei all der Pracht lassen sich noch nicht einmal Slowdowns feststellen. Einzig der Sound gefiel mir im Vorgänger besser. Mir blieben da noch einige pushende Beats aus den Pausen in Erinnerung, die mir irgendwie fehlen. Auch die Euphorie der Menge wurde etwas reduziert, was in diesem tollen Spiel wirklich kein Nachteil ist Als Kommentatoren konnten, dank Bryants Verbindungen zu den Lakers, die bekannten Broadcaster Chick Hearn und Stu Lance gewonnen werden. Suchst du das beste Basketballspiel für das N 64, kommst du an NBA Courtside 2 nicht vorbei.
Simply put, Courtside 2 has alot of good things goin for it and is sure to score big with anyone who has an inkling of basketball in their pinky. Hey and if ya practice hard and get good enough maybe someday you'll be ready to take me on head-to-head! I'd gladly break your ankle with my sweet crossovers and take it to the hoop on ya play after play as I run the score up into oblivion! could happen. I give this game 4 and 1/2 possible GIN gems because it's got all the right moves.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 25, 2003)
Other issues include a tough, overly-complicated foul-shooting system. The two-man commentary is limited, but I actually found these guys to be unintentionally funny at times. The normal simulation mode is great, but even better is the NBA Jam-style "arcade mode", featuring icons for 10-point shots, gravity-defying dunks, and players who can literally catch fire! Realistic enough for purists and wacky enough for casual players, I can highly recommend NBA Courtside 2.
With tons of options and fun, serious gameplay, all of the flaws in NBA Courtside 2 Featuring Kobe Bryant can't match what's good about the game.
Game Critics (Dec 17, 1999)
Also remaining are the effective dribbling and hand-switching moves (which were also pioneered by this game) that add dimension to the game allowing for much more than simply pushing the ball up and down the court repeatedly. The computer AI is still very tough (mostly due to its aforementioned physics-defying moves and extremely aggressive offense) and is ripe for anyone wishing to take up a challenge. It's just a shame that for all the enhancements Courtside 2 tries to make over the original, there are still so many glaring bugs, new and old alike. Though the first Courtside had lesser features, it was also less buggy and an overall more solid game. Courtside 2, on the other hand, attempts to do more, but falters in doing so. The improvements also can't hide the fact that everything looks and plays like the original to a fault. Rather than playing like a full-blown sequel, Courtside 2 is more of a version 1.5, still needing a few tweaks in the gameplay department.