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NFL Quarterback Club 98 Credits

Iguana Entertainment (Development Credits)

Playbook DesignBrett Favre
Game DesignBrett Favre, Russell Byrd, Bill LaCoste, Jason Moulton
Play by PlayMarv Albert
Project ManagerRussell Byrd
ResearchRussell Byrd, Bill LaCoste
Lead ProgrammerRichard Cowie
Front‑End ProgrammersRichard Cowie, Brian Watson, Kevin Normann, Charles D. Normann, Ed Groover, Francisco Javier Lafuente
FX ProgrammersRichard Cowie, Kevin Normann
Logic ProgrammerDave Schwalenberg
Graphics ProgrammerBrian Watson
3D Engine ProgrammersBrian Watson, Robert Cohen
Sound ProgrammerKevin Normann
Editor ProgrammerNathan Daughety
Play by Play ProgrammersNathan Daughety, Austin Appleby
Support ProgrammerRobert Cohen
Lead ArtistTami Crabb
Front‑End ArtistsTami Crabb, Sharon Taylor
3D Stadiums and Fields / Player Maps / LightingCid Newman
Player ModelsJason Moulton
Player and Ref AnimationJason Moulton, Michael Janke, Jorge Hernandez
Team Emblems / Stadium MapsSharon Taylor
3D StadiumsTom Green, Trevor Lemoine
Art AdvisorMichael Taylor
Sound DesignMarc Schaefgen
Original Theme MusicDarren Mitchell
QA SupervisorEd Ball
Lead TesterJim Richardson
PresidentJeff Spangenberg
Vice PresidentDarrin Stubbington
Creative DirectorNigel Cook
Creative Director ‑ SportsRussell Byrd
Technical DirectorCraig Galley
Art DirectorMatt Stubbington
ATG DirectorCyrus Lum
Public RelationsJay Moon
Moral SupportCubby

Acclaim (Publisher Credits)

ProducerPeter Wanat
Associate ProducerEric Hendrickson
QA DirectorRoger Booth
QA ManagerCarol Caracciolo
QA SupervisorsJeff Rosa, Dale Taylor
QA Lead AnalystsJames Daly, James Craddock
QA Project LeadsBonchi Martinez, Martin Glantz
Game TestersRaymond Yeomans, Russell Ballenger, Rich LaRocca, David Wolowitz, John Cyriaque, Mike Patterson, Joe Greene, Anthony Scaduto, Daniel Badilla, Pharoah Sample, Joe Maiello
Tech Support ManagerHarry Reimer
Tech Support SupervisorsHoward Perlman (as H. Perlman), Kevin Denehy
Senior Tech SupportRobert Coffey
Tech SupportGreg McGovern, Andrew Fullaytor, Leigh Busch
Special Thanks to Players Inc.Doug Ramsay, LaShun Lawson


Cover photographyVincent Maniello (SportsChrome-East/West)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (50717) and リカルド・フィリペ (185364)