Written by  :  Chase Bowen (39)
Written on  :  Oct 21, 2004
Platform  :  Nintendo 64
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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A Game of Intense gore, action and adventure.

The Good

The game is very eerie, yet with good sense of heroism, and horror. The story is steel. and the boss levels are greatly, entertaining, not to mention the items and weapons!

The Bad

the downsides of the game are not too severe, but still is a hassle. It is the controls are very jumbled up, making it hard to establish certain combos, such as that the C button strafe controls are not side by side rather Right is Right and Left is up! I Guess they wanted these controls close. When you have to tern and run around you can't just simply turn, you have to make a slow 180 degree turn, however this is all of the downside part.

The Bottom Line

The Game is scary at moments, but that is good, and has eerie music. the best part of the game is your character and his or hers moves. now on to the intro! London, 1800(s) The Brotherhood of Hecate has discovered mans most horrifying fears-and brought them into realty. The leader Adam Crowley effortlessly tried to make "Supermen" to take over the world! Yet two mysterious heroes have stepped in to the chaos to stop the evil spawns and man in grey, only these two heroes stand between the citizens of London and the Brotherhoods evil creations. this, is their story. NIGHTMARE CREATURES. As you can tell this is about monsters, about 13, and you got to fight them to get through levels. My Rating:7.3 Note: Have Fun killing!