Nightmare Creatures Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Character selection screen
Beginning of the Spitalfield stage
Ignatius fighting an insect in Thames Tunnel.
Shooting a Docker.
A Harpy attacking Nadia on India Docks.
City stage
Ignatius on another part of City stage
Feet of Fury
Fighting a Docker with an upgraded weapon on Queenhite Docks.
Fighting monsters while low on health and an empty adrenaline gauge.
Fighting a monster on Hampstead Heath.
Nadia fighting two enemies together.
Stats screen after completing a stage.
Getting hurt from the ceiling that collapsed.
Snowman - a boss only stage
Having a hard time on Westminster II stage.
Still not losing confidence.
Kicking a zombie.
Nadia freezing a Docker on Regents Canal.
Shooting a Thames' monster on India Docks.
Slashing a Werewolf on Highgate Cemetery.
Start of Marylebone stage
A little bit further down
Fighting monster on Thames Tunnel.
A boss fight on Jose Manuel
This chick doesn't joke around.
Slashing a Gargoyle.
The Roofs - final stage
Trying to hit bats.