Number of Pokémon

There are a total of 63 different types of Pokémon in Pokémon Snap. This being a Nintendo 64 game, many people have searched in vain for one last "hidden" Pokémon. Beta footage features Ekans, which doesn't appear in the final release, suggesting it may have been the 64th Pokémon.

Unused areas and boss

There is also beta footage showing a desert area that didn't make it into the final release. Additionally, the game's sound designer, Ikuko Mimori posted a track on her website that was to be used for a cut area. The song's title, Fantastic Horror, suggests that the area may have had a ghost theme. Another track on Mimori's website is stated to be a boss theme for the same area; in the final release, only one stage has a boss.


The original concept for Pokémon Snap wasn't a Pokémon game at all, but rather a generic photography game. When the developers realized there was no motivating factor for the gameplay, they decided to add Pokémon as an appealing photography subject for players.

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