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ESRB Rating
Written by  :  Ben Fahy (94)
Written on  :  Nov 20, 2001

4 out of 4 people found this review helpful

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The Good

It's almost completely different from the PC version as far as missions, so you get a totally new story (although people who played through the PC version will see some levels that look oddly familiar... :) ) There's lots of action, cool weapons, and the multiplayer is great fun with 4 people- first one to get the BFG wins! :)

The Bad

Choppy animation on most of the weapons on-screen (especially the minigun! Ouch!) Blurry graphics, low-res textures, almost no color variation (shades of brown and puke-green... yechhh! This can be fixed if you turn on the Frooty Colors code...) The sound effects sound like they were recorded in a can. The ending is lame.

The Bottom Line

Pretty good. If you must have more Quake 2 then you should buy this- it gives you a new adventure. If you like multiplayer games then this is also a good choice because it has pretty good multiplayer. The graphics are bland and boring and the sound effects are nothing new, but you'll like it.