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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - N64 (UK):

    Tomorrow is opening day and the second mascot Jo Jo the Raccoon has pledged to destroy the park. Their only hope is that Rocket, Robot on Wheels, can foil Jo Jo's plans and save Whoopie World. As Rocket, explore six spectacular lands filled with riddles and challenges; drive the parks awesome vehicles and change your environment to reveal additional surprises in this revolutionary N64 game!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4671) on Jun 09, 2007.

Back of Box - N64 (US):

    Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life

    Whoopie World, the greatest amusement park ever, is ready to open, but second-banana park mascot, Jojo the Raccoon, has gone nuts. He's taken over the park!

    Can Rocket, the most advanced amusement park robot ever, save the day? Rocket's a one wheel wonder with double-jump booster rockets and 7 cool cars to drive. He's got a tractor beam that can pick up almost anything, swing from ledges, trees, even toss freeze & smash objects. Rocket's got the moves & he's got the tools to make things right.
    • 7 huge levels of mini-games, puzzles, & amusement park excitement!
    • Build your own roller coaster - huge dips, fast turns and loops de loops.
    • Upgrade Rocket's tractor beam to a long-distance grappler, slammer & freeze beam.
    • Fun Physics™: boxes, rocks, even sheep topple & tumble with amazing realism.
    • Up to three games can be saved to memory simultaneously.
    Rocket's Wheels!
    Drive insane vehicles like the SpiderRider, DuneDog, HoverSplat & more!

    " of the most innovative platform games on the N64 in a long, long time..." - Nintendo Power

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4671) on Jun 09, 2007.
    Welcome to the weird wackiness of Whoopie World.

    The beloved baby of rookie development house Sucker Punch, Rocket: Robot on Wheels is a well-crafted 3D adventure game with a wide variety of gameplay elements. Sucker Punch's unusual sense of humor surfaces throughout the adventure, which gives the game a unique tone and light-hearted feel.

    Whoopie, an obese purple walrus, is the dim-witted mascot of an extra-galactic amusement park called Whoopie World. Jo Jo, an insanely jealous raccoon, is Whoopie's sidekick. Hours before the park opens, Jo Jo decides that he's not going to play second fiddle to a blubbery walrus with the intelligence of a Styrofoam cup.

    Jo Jo wreaks havoc on Whoopie World, destroying all of the attractions and scattering admission tickets throughout the park. To prepare the park for opening day, Rocket must collect all the tickets and repair the broken machinery in each of the seven areas in Whoopie World.

    Despite the wacky premise, Sucker Punch has put a big emphasis on solving puzzles. Using a concept which is reminiscent of the gameplay found in Banjo-Kazooie, each environment is altered slightly as Rocket completes tasks. In the first level, for example, Rocket must collect missing machine pieces to repair a monstrous mechanical dinosaur. This act is rewarded with a ticket, but to get a second ticket Rocket must enter the dinosaur and navigate a classic platform-based gauntlet.

    Equipped with a unicycle for a lower body and no arms whatsoever, Rocket uses a helmet-mounted tractor beam to pick up items and interact with his world. If Rocket collects enough tokens throughout his adventure, a robotic mechanic named Tinker upgrades Rocket with new moves.

    Each area in Whoopie World features a different theme, and contains a unique vehicle for Rocket to drive. In our opinion the raddest ride is the Paint Bot, which allows you to paint the town red or any other color you desire. Sucker Punch has created a wide variety of puzzles and challenges that range from la-la easy to extremely tough.

    The 3D landscapes in Whoopie World are colorful and give each world a distinct visual feel. Some elements appear to be two-dimensional, but generally the worlds have a rich 3D presentation thanks to detailed texture mapping.

    Since the limbless hero of the game rolls rather than walks, Sucker Punch didn't have to bother with the pesky task of animating legs. As a result, Rocket's movements are smooth and realistic. Energy bands constantly circle Rocket's body, giving a much-needed dynamic quality to the character design.

    Powered by what Sucker Punch calls the "Fun-Physics Game Engine," Rocket delivers intuitive and frustration-free play control. Everything in Rocket's world -- including Rocket -- moves and reacts as if it actually contains mass.

    Thrown boxes bounce around as you'd expect them to, and Rocket sways and rolls realistically as he changes directions or moves up hills. Responsive camera control and precise collision detection combine to produce a 3D game that's genuinely fun to play.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65803) on Aug 17, 2005.