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Rocket: Robot on Wheels Credits


Art and ModelingNate Fox, Irvin Gee, Reid Johnson, Dev Madan, Rob McDaniel, Augie Pagan, Karin Madan
DevelopmentChris Bentzel, Bruce Oberg, Darrell Plank, Tom Saxton, Cathy Saxton, Brian Yamasaki, Chris Zimmerman
Quality AssuranceJustin Rudy, David Stiner, Adam Stritzel
Game DesignDon Munsil
ProductionBrian Fleming
Life SupportMatthew Siems
Ubi Soft TestingMarc-André Bouvier, Antoine Thisdale, David Boily, François Courchense, Frédéric Lavigne, Stéphane Pinard, Eric A. St-Jean, Sabrina Tremblay, Tats Myojo
Marketing ManagerDennis Roy
Package DesignMari Sakai, Axiom Design, Squeak, Melissa Wilks
Public RelationsSandra Yee, Melanie Melton
Thanks toJoe Belfiore, Steve Conrad, Gary Yost (Discreet Software), Harry Denholm (Discreet Software), David Mantell, Ethan Mantell, Michael Mantell, Jan Miksovsky, Matt Olsen, John Rinaldo, Shawn Roberts, David S. Rosenbaum, Jordan Russell, Scott Stinson, Tyler Yount, Thomas Yount, ...and The Crew at Nintendo of America for all their help and support
Suckerpunch Special Thanks toBrendan Buckley, Peter Chan, Allison Grauman, Jeff Hilbert, Melissa Preston, Andrey Zmievski
Ubi Soft Special Thanks toJay Cohen, Laurent Detoc, David Bamberger, Wendy Robinson, Carrie Tice, Megan Byrne, Mona Hamilton, Libby Brown, Lisa Hootnick, Jenifer Groeling, Sarah Ohring

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kalrac (403)