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Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt Credits

Realtime Associates, Inc.

Executive ProducerDavid Albert
ProducerElizabeth Walkey
Lead ProgrammerTom Powers, John Bryant
ProgrammingFraser Thompson
Additional ProgrammingStephen Cuong Nguyen
GraphicsLaura Raines Smith, Eric D. Gingrich, Kerwin Burton
Additional GraphicsChristopher Vuchetich, Michael Prittie, William R. Sears
Sound & Music EngineeringGreg Turner
Realtime would like to thankChris Wilson, Beth Scholz, David Warhol, Shippy Ohka, Steven Ettinger, Larry Siegel, Leta Maunz
Focus TestersJessica Ettinger, Megan Nakanishi, Caitlin Durgan, Kaila Nakanishi
Special Thanks ToKari Powers, Daniel Powers, Emily Smith, Jeff Christensen, The D, Twon JD, Alazair & Roz, Amy Thompson, Mac and Reed, Michelle Medina, AJ Medina, Gabby Medina, Shanelle Medina
Music byMark Mothersbaugh, Mutato Muzika

THQ, Inc.

Senior Vice President of Sales and MarketingAlison Locke
Vice President of LicensingGermaine Gioia
Vice President of MarketingJoseph Adney III
Vice President of Product DevelopmentMichael Rubinelli
Executive ProducerScott Krager
ProducerCarolina Beroza
Associate ProducerLeland Mah
Product ManagerJohn Ardell
Associate Product ManagerKevin Hooper
Director of QADonn W. Nauert
Lead TesterEdward J. Ramiro
TestersTom Anderson, Jason Predmore, Lee Liu, Ryan Kull, Jun Jun Caliva, Christian Lee, Jason de Heras, Carlos Ramirez, Jason Pislaan, James Ritchie, Michael Sparks, Gregg Nakawatase, Erik van Rooy
THQ would like to thankJym Killy, Steve Ryno, Germaine Gioia, Alison Locke, Tiffany Ternan, Joseph Adney III, Dan Offner, Dave Anderson, Jeffrey Lapin, Brian J. Farrell


Nickelodeon Software ProducerSyma Sambar
Nickelodeon Software Product ManagerSyma Sambar
Project CoordinatorErika Ortiz
DirectorsSeth Jacobson, Stephen Youngwood
Nickelodeon Software would like to thankCricket Benevento, Sergio Cuan, Steve Gold, Janet Muldoon, Kyra Reppen, Geoff Todebush, Tim Blankley, Paul De Mayer, Lora Lee, Aly Peduto, Ann Sarnoff, N. Matthew Welton

Beeline Group, Inc.

Package and Manual DesignKatherine Lee


Head of European MarketingBenvon Crumpler

Realtime Associates, Inc.

Voice Compression Technology Licensed byFactor 5, LucasArts Entertainment Company
Packaging and Manual AlterationsThe Source[Sheffield]

THQ International / Inc.

Marketing ManagerColin Brown, Rebecca Lester
Product ManagerSimon Dallas
International ProducerDon Choi
Associate Product Marketing ManagerKevin Hooper
Executive ProducerScott Krager

From the manual

© 1999Viacom International Inc. [All Rights Reserved]
Nickelodeon, Rugrats and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks ofViacom International Inc.
Created byArlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, Paul Germain

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (156517), LepricahnsGold (128492) and リカルド・フィリペ (184999)