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Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen (US version)
Opening cinematic
New game or options?
What game will you play?
How big a board will you have?
Who will you play as?
Opening cinematic for Angelica's Temple
Instructions for Angelica's Temple
Starting out.
I spun. Set spin means I can move one to five spaces.
I landed on a space that loses me a cookie.
Chuckie landed on the toy box. He can trade cookies for a useful card.
Lil landed on a space that givers her cookies.
Searching for a statue piece.
I found a piece!
If you meet Angelica, she will take her statue piece, one of your statue pieces or up to 10 cookies.
The Catnap square. You can regain some energy.
If you meet Grandpa, he will give you some cookies.
A way to open a secret passageway.
This lets you go back towards where you came from, on your turn.
If you meet Spike, he will carry you five spaces.
Getting something from the toy chest.
Instead of a statue piece, I found a dust bunny.
If you land on a cradle square, you will be picked up and put in the cradle, but you will recover all energy.
Chuckie met Angelica and she took his cookies.
I got out of the crib.
Now I pick which door to return through.
With this, you search twice on search squares.
I landed on Dil, the mystery square.
This is what statue parts we have so far.
The sandbox is a safety square.
After game cinematic. Angelica won.
Opening cinematic for Pirate Treasure Hunt.
Instructions for Pirate Treasure Hunt.
I landed on Dil, the mystery square.
Someone found a treasure!
Two people landed on the same square. They fight it out in a "Rock, Paper, Scissors"-type battle.
The winner picks their prize.
After game cinematic. Tommy won.
Opening cinematic for Reptar Rally.
Instructions for Reptar Rally
Spinning to see how many spaces I will go.
If you land on a space under Reptar, he may help or hinder.
Everyone's stats.
Tommy won.
After game cinematic.