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GamesFirst! (Nov 07, 2000)
For anyone over ten, the game is just too easy, the scenarios too ridiculous. In one Rescue Ranger mission your task is to clean up piles of toxic alien goo that have collected in the park. Okay, but you don’t so much "clean them up" as you just punch or kick them and they disappear. Now, I don’t know how you clean your house, but…well, you get the idea. If it weren’t for their ability to operate vehicles, I would question whether or not Power Rangers have opposable thumbs. But, again, we are not the audience for this game. Fans of the franchise are going to love it for the franchise, and the fact that it has some pretty decent missions and levels is just a bonus. I can appreciate it because it is an excellent entry-level game for young children. With simplified versions of 3D adventure, first-person fighting, and flying controls, youngsters can get a little of what we zealots love so much about the industry—the opportunity to experience anything.
Dass ein Spiel für ein jüngeres Publikum erstellt wird, ist ja löblich, man muss es ihm aber nicht unbedingt schon auf den ersten Blick ansehen! Und wenn dann noch so eine uninspirierte Lizenzausschlachtung stattfindet wie in diesem Fall, ist das wirklich traurig. Das Spiel selbst ist derart unausgereift, dass man nur empfehlen kann, beim Kauf sehr vorsichtig zu sein oder die Finger lieber gleich davon zu lassen. Selbst wenn man die Serie mag, wird einen dieses Spiel wohl eher enttäuschen.
Gaming Target (Nov 20, 2000)
If Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue was created a couple years earlier when SNES was around, it would fit in its right time and place. It would be based on a popular franchise and seem like a decent title when comparing it to those being released on the 16-bit system. As Homer Simpson once said, "I've sat through plays better than this, honest to God, plays!"
IGN (Oct 02, 2000)
Whether you're a 45 year-old rocket scientist or a five year-old monkey, this game sucks. Sorry. Some slower kids may enjoy it for a short while in the same way that one might enjoy chewing on a plastic block and staring blankly at a wall. But there's no challenge at all to be had in any form, the gameplay mechanics are boringly formulaic, the graphics and sound samples are downright poor and the multiplayer mode is an absolute bore. Not even recommended as a rental as it can be beaten in an hour flat.
Game Vortex (Dec 08, 2002)
Lightspeed Rescue is not a game to buy. It is not a game to rent. It is not a game to play. Avoid it at all costs. It’s short, boring, ugly, and easy. My nephew would run screaming back to Ecco or Hogs of War after playing it for a few minutes, and you will too. Treat as toxic. To sum it up: It’s Bad.
Video Games (Jan, 2001)
Das gibt's doch nicht - ich werd' nicht mehr. Wie versaut man sich am gekonntesten den Tag? Simpel: Morgens N64 einschalten und Power Rangers einlegen. Eine absolute Unverschämtheit, was sich THQ da in Sachen Optik und Gameplay geleistet hat. Echte Junk-Sammler freuen sich dagegen: Ihrer illustren N64-Sammlung aus Superman, Dual Heroes, MK Mythologies & Co. wird ein weiteres Highlight hinzugefügt. Alle anderen - selbst unverbesserliche Fans der TV-Serie - meiden dieses Modul wie die Pest.
Even if your kids beg for this game and threaten suicide if they don't get it, start writing out their obituary and don't give in! More quality over quantity from the Big N. Geez, imagine how bad this game would have been if Nintendo went with quantity over quality huh? If Power Rangers Light Speed rescue was a person, It would drool, fart and pee itself in public. A real class act. Do your fellow ignorant consumer friends a favor and shriek uncontrollably while pointing your finger at it the next you are in EB. But make sure you video tape it! We would pay money to see that. Seriously.