San Francisco Rush 2049 Credits

Midway Games West Team

ProgrammersEd Logg, Michael A. Kelly (as Mike Kelly), Scott Reeser, David Merrill
ArtistsGreg Holt, Matt Harvey, Jose Erazo, Todd Papy, Giovanni Erazo, Dave Hanson, Jose Amparan
Audio FXBarry Leitch, Michael Henry
MusicBarry Leitch
ProducerScot Amos, Loren Bryant
Product ManagerChrista Wittenberg
Drone PathsFredric Mora
QA Test ManagerMike Kruse
QA Test SupervisorLarry Cadelina
Lead TestersTrenton Lewis, Joffrey Suarez
Product AnalystsPele Gaoteote, Mario Guevara, Charles Ybarra, Spencer Ray, Pablo Buitrago
TestersFredric Mora, Marvin Hale, Chip Lyas, Jay Goitia, Abraham Aranda (as Abram Aranda), Justin Hendry, Derrick Laurel, Jacob Rainbow, Mike Sherrill, C. J. Sarraga, Solara Foxie, Michelle Cadelina

Arcade Team

ProducerJohn Ray
Assoc. ProducerStephen Riesenberger (as Steve Riesenberger)
ProgrammersAaron Hightower, Mike Neopolitan
ArtistsAdrian Ludley, Rick Gonzales, Brian Davis, Thomas Stubbs, Keith Austin, Jeremy Dale, Michael Nagatani (as Mike Nagatani), Mike Gonzales
Drone PathsRob Reininger, Ken Ray (as Kenny Ray)
AudioMichael Henry
EngineerPete Mokris
TecnicianCuong Vu
Cabinet DesignMark Gruber

Midway Home Entertainment Team

ProducerKevin Potter
Associate ProducerSean Wilson
Assistant ProducerEd Duran
Testing ManagerHans Lo
Testing SupervisorSteve Kramer (as Steve Kramer)
Technical Standards AnalystsAjamu Shaw, Kevin Pimentel
Lead Product AnalystAaron Orsak
Product AnalystsJeff Marcus, Brian Golding, Justin Wood, Matt Kaplan (as Matthew Kaplan), Tim Altbaum, Joel Barragan
Print Design & ProductionMidway Creative Services - San Diego
Associate Product ManagerPhil Marineau
Director, Sports MarketingMichael Lustenberger (as Mike Lustenberger)
V.P., MarketingHelene Sheeler
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton (as Deborah Fulton), Raymond Veerkamp (as Ray Veerkamp), Andrew Nguyen, Shakir Johnson, Zak McClendon

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (152422)