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Spider-Man Credits

128 people (79 developers, 49 thanks)


N64 Version Developed byEdge of Reality
ProducerDrew Fisher
Game ProgrammersEvan Bell, David Bellhorn, Jacob Meakin
EngineRobert Cohen, Mike Panoff
Effect ProgrammersRobert Cohen, Mike Panoff
Art StaffBryan Pritchard, David Bunn, James Daly III, Jason Owen, Rayfield Wright
Supreme OverlordJay Halderman
Special E.O.R. ThanksThe families of the team for hanging in there, Everyone at Neversoft and Activision, Gil Jaysmith (of SN Systems)
Originally Developed byNeversoft Entertainment
ProgrammingKendall Harrison, Matt Duncan
Lead ArtistChristopher Ward
Level ArtistsChristopher Glenn, Edwin Fong, Aaron Skillman, Jeremy Pardon
Character AnimationPeter Day
Lead ProgrammersDrew Fisher, Dave Cowling
Character ArtMark L. Scott
Lead DesignerChad Findley
Production DirectorJason Uyeda
Level DesignersAlan Flores, Brian Dean Jennings
Executive ProducersJoel Jewett, David Stohl
ProducersDrew Fisher, Kevin Mulhall
Associate ProducersJeremy Anderson, Todd Quincey Jefferson
Game Comic CoversChristian Gossett, Byron Talmon (as Byron)
Art AssistanceJohnny Ow
Technical AssistanceMick West, Jason Keeney
Production AssistanceMark Harwood
Human ResourcesSandy Newlands, Lisa Davies-Perissi
Published byActivision Inc.
Senior ProducerChris Archer (Fire It Up!)
Senior Vice President StudiosStephen Crane
Executive Vice President World Wide StudiosMichael Pole
Vice President of MarketingTricia Bertero
Director of MarketingMelissa Chapman
Brand ManagerNita Patel
PublicistRyh-Ming C. Poon
QA ManagerJoseph Favazza
Senior Project LeadJoseph Favazza
Project LeadKragen Lum
Floor LeadJason Potter
TestersRobert Nall, Trey Smith, Alexander Inigo, Shreedhar Patel, Jonas Anderson, Omari Valentine
Special ThanksJim Summers, Jason Wong, Indra Yee, Tanya Langston, Gary Bolduc, Benjamin DeGuzman, Nicholas Favazza, Nathan Lum
For Marvel ComicsBen Abernathy, Nancyann Volpe, Andrew Leibowitz
AudioTommy Tallarico Studios Inc.
Sound DesignJoey Kuras
MusicTommy Tallarico, Howard Ulyate
Voice Acting CastRino Romano (as Spider-Man/Bank Thug 1), Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (as Doctor Octopus), Jennifer Hale (as Black Cat/Mary Jane), Dee Bradley Baker (as Carnage/Rhino/J. Jonah Jameson/The Lizard), Darren Norris (as Venom/Mysterio/Scorpion), Chad Findley (as Bank Thug 2), Stan Lee (as himself)
Voice CastingBrigitte Burdine, Sandy Jewett
Studio RecordingCalifornia Digital Post
Studio PresidentDel Casher
Studio EngineerJohn Brady
Studio AssistantsEric Clopein, Kris Hanson, Scott Rusch
Activision ThanksMom, Dad, Robert Kotick, Brian G. Kelly, Marc Turndorf, Gene Bahng, Lori Lahman, Brian Bright, Nicholas Favazza, Nathan Lum, George Rose, Michelle Corrigan, Anjie McDonald, Julie Thompson, Jenny Stornetta, Stacey Ganem, Greg Rubel, Fiona Rubel, David Popowitz, Michelle Popowitz, Seth Flaum, Rachel Flaum, Brian Hawkins, Julia Roether, Jim Summers, Jason Wong, Trey Watkins, Serene Chan, Indra Yee, Ryan Sinnock, Tanya Langston, Mitch Lasky, Mark Lamia, Lawrence Goldberg, John Hancock, Stacey Ytuarte, Bryant Bustamante, Adam Goldberg, Murali Tegulapalle, Brian Clarke, Daniel Atkins, Nicole Willick, Marilena Morini, Talmadge Morning

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (405237) and Evil Ryu (65733)