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Written by  :  darthsith19 (70)
Written on  :  Jul 14, 2006
Platform  :  Nintendo 64
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Best Racing Game Ever!

The Good

25 levels, 23 podracers to choose from, start with 6 and get another one after almost every level you beat. From Sebulba to Anakin, Bullseye Navoir to Slide Paramita, win them all as you race through all the levels, on all the different worlds, until you get to the ultimate challenge - the Boonta Eve Classic. With great graphics even by todays standards and great sound, this game will test your skill, patience and to beat it you must be the best, the elite, and each time you beat a level or improve a time you feel great satisfaction that is indescribable. You won't want to miss this action-packed once in a life time thriller!

The Bad

It gets frustrating at time but if it was easy it wouldn't be fun, right?

The Bottom Line

This game is a must-have.