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Solid Star Wars action, and the game that spawned Rogue Squadron Shadowcaster (261) 3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars
The game now lives in shadows Sam Hardy (82) unrated
The Force is strong with this one…for the first level. PCGamer77 (3225) 2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars
A long time ago in a store not so far away, this might have been worth it. Matt Neuteboom (989) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
Enjoyable but flawed gaming experience Simoneer (37) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
Great game that follows the novel darthsith19 (70) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.2
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (35 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Just Games Retro (Dec 03, 2013)
When I played through SotE again for this review, I was amazed at how good it still was. I didn’t feel like I needed to cut it a break because of its age or sugarcoat anything. It was great in ’96, and it’s still great today. It hits all the right notes a Star Wars game needs to, even without getting bogged down in the Force and Jedi lore like many of them are prone to do. Since you all own this game, I’d invite you to pop it back in and run through it again. I can almost guarantee you will remember why you wanted this game so badly.
Shadows of the Empire nous replonge dans l'univers de Star Wars pour une action variée et rondement menée.
Although this game mostly focuses on killing, there are also different ways to finish the game, although the most effective way was blasting through each level. There is no blood, but plenty of Stormtroopers flying backwards, and some very mean animals that attack you also die. They are aliens, though, and that does ease the pain a bit&.just kidding. Really, though, the violence in this game is for a good cause: you are trying to rescue the Princess, save the most famous Jedi-in-training in the galaxy, and save a y pilot from certain annihilation from Jabba the Hutt. There is no cussing, just a lot of fantasy-themed action. Also, no magic is used, no spell casting&so no fear of that. This is a game that deserves the rating it got, so listen to it. Just don't hesitate if you see this at the store.
Super Power (Jul, 1997)
Shadows Of The Empire remplit donc parfaitement son rôle de jeu d'action pur et dur avec effets 3D explosifs et un scénario béton qui poussera n'importe quel adepte de la Force à enchaîner partie sur partie. Allez, moi, j'y retourne.
Retroage (Mar 19, 2010)
Dawno, dawno temu w odległej galaktyce... LucasArts pod wodzą Georga Lucasa postanawia wyciągnąć trochę kasy od wiernych fanów Gwiezdnych Wojen. Tak narodził się multimedialny projekt „Shadows of the Empire”. Akcja projektu (na który składają się książka napisana przez Steve Perry’ego, seria komiksów wydanych przez Black Horse oraz gra na Nintendo64 (skonwertowana rok później na PC)) została umieszczona między „Imperium Kontratakuje” a „Powrót Jedi”. Aby było ciekawiej każdy z elementów projektu opowiada tylko fragment historii, tak więc, aby w pełni zapoznać się z „Shadows of the Empire” fani Gwiezdnej Sagi musieli zakupić wszystkie fragmenty układanki. Dziś zajmiemy się najciekawszym z punktu widzenia gracza elementem, czyli grą na Nintendo 64.
Shadows verspricht optische Sensationen und jede Menge Spaß. Mindestens die Hälfte des Spiels ist in der Lage, einen Großteil der Konkurrenz auf anderer Konsolen oder PCs auszuknocken, zumindest was die halsbrecherische Action und die Lebendigkeit anbelangt. Neben diesem Star Wars-Produkt wirkt jeder moderne 32-Bit-Titel ein bißchen bedauernswert. Im Vergleich mit dem fehlerfreien Mario 64 zeigen sich bei Shadows deutlich die Schwachstellen. Dennoch kann LucasArts stolz auf seinen Beitrag zum erfolgreichen Start des Nintendo 64 zurückblicken. Nur sehr wenige Fans werden enttäuscht sein von diesem Neuzugang in der Star Wars-Familie.
64 Extreme (Apr, 1997)
The game starts off great but after a while can get a bit repetitive and tiresome, especially on the first person perspective levels. The outdoor scenery is well drawn and pleasing to the eye and the sound well orchestrated but the gameplay is pretty much predetermined and doesn't allow any room for freedom. It's got that Star Wars feel about it but you'd expect something more.
Mega Fun (Feb, 1997)
Was für ein Game! Was für eine Grafik! (...) Dank feinster Texturen und Gouraud-Shading präsentieren sich die Locations und alle Objekte. von den Comandotruppen über den AT-AT-Walker bis hin zum überdimensionalen Sternenzerstörer in einem feinen Polygongewand, was ein naturgetreues Aussehen vollends darstellt und somit ein cinematisches Feeling vermittelt. (…) Desweiteren bieten die einzelnen Levels eine große spielerische Abwechslung und garantieren zusammen mit der guten Story und den exzellenten Musikstücken totale Kurzweil. Einziger Kritikpunkt sind die Zwischensequenzen, die “nur“ aus Standbildern mit wenig Bewegung und Texten bestehen, und somit eine technische Einschränkung deutlich machen: selbst N64-Cartridges können nicht den Speicherplatz einer CD-ROM bieten und so werden Zukunft die Filmsequenzen wohl etwas unspektakulärer sein. Aber auf das Game kommt ja bekanntlich an und das ist Falle von Shadows of the Empire umfangreich und spektakulär.
I must admit that a lot of the entertainment comes from the fact that the game is set in the Star Wars universe, with Star Wars characters, locations, spacecraft and weapons. If the Stormtroopers were Space Ninjas or Lord Ronko's Shadow Legion it wouldn't be the same and I would be more inclined to pick faults with the simplistic Doom-style stages. Having said all that, when I get my official N64 this, not Mario, will be the game I buy with it.
Bravo Screenfun (Mar, 1997)
Nicht alle Levels sind so ausgereift wie die Hintergrundstory, die sich im Lauf des Abenteuers herausbildet. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad kann binnen weniger Minuten zwischen einfach und extrem schwanken. Auch die technische Präsentation in den Szenen, die der Held zu Fuß bewältigt, läßt gegenüber den eindrucksvollen Flugszenen zu wünschen übrig. Trotzdem ist Shadows of the Empire ein dramatisches Stas Wars-Abernteuer. Fans von Luke und Leia, Han Solo & Co. greifen auf alle Fälle zu!
Total! (Germany) (Feb, 1997)
Ohne Frage, Shadows of the Empire bietet noch viel Potential für Verbesserungen, etwa im Gameplay, Leveldesign oder diversen Feinheiten. Aber LucasArts hat es verstanden, ein souveränes Action-Abenteuer abzuliefern, dem sich wohl nur sehr wenige Star Wars-Fans entziehen können. Angesichts des hohen Preises von rund 150 DM werden wohl zunächst nur Hardore-Krieg der Sterne-Fans zugreifen, doch auch für Action-Freunde ist Shadows of the Empire eine Überlegung wert.
Electric Playground (Jan 27, 1997)
We can't forget that this is only the first of the LucasArts forays into 64-bit game construction. Now they have to put their blast shield helmets on and practice developing a game by trusting their instincts just a little more.
Strange. I find myself applauding the variety put into SotE, but at the same time, the only level in the game that I truly enjoyed was the Snow Speeder Stage (the gem of this cart). All of the - if you will - Doom levels really bored me. They didn't offer anything that I haven't experienced before, and the fog shading was poured on a tad thick. I was mildly entertained in the Asteroid and Skyhook areas, but I found myself only wanting to refight the snowy Battle of Hoth. Fans of the movies should check this game out; the prevalent Star Wars theme masks much of the game's short-comings. Non-Star Wars fans need not apply.
Video Games (Jan, 1997)
Insgesamt fehlt es dem Spiel etwas an Stimmung, es könnte dichter sein. Trotzalledem stecken etliche tolle Ideen in Shadows Of The Empire, und das Angebot an Aha-Effekten läßt kaum zu wünschen übrig. Für Freunde der Star-Wars-Saga ist Shadows Of The Empire ganz sicher hochinteressant, wenn nicht gar ein Muß. Ein System-Seller (Kaufgrund für die Konsole) ist es aber nicht ganz geworden.
X64 (Oct, 1997)
Bon jeu, solide. Pourtant, il lui manque le côté innovant des autres jeux proposés pour accompagner le lancement de la Nintendo.
GameSlice Weekly (Dec 20, 1996)
Shadows of the Empire plays like Rebel Assault loaded onto ten floppy disks. It is neither technically brilliant nor a tour de force in terms of gameplay. By no means is it a disaster by any stretch of the imagination, but it isn't fulfilling. As one of the first third-party N64 releases, Shadows of the Empire proves that no matter how strong the concept or license, no-one can program at the level of Nintendo's Japanese wizards. The sloppy save game interface and some uninspired and monotonous levels spoil the excitement and true brilliance of specific segments of the game. As a whole, although Shadows of the Empire has a strong suit on some levels, the entire package is a let down when considered in the scope of its potential of being an even better game.
Game Play 64 (Aug, 1997)
Au final, on se retrouve avec un soft assez moyen qui, malgré des passages très sympas, comme celui du train, du jet-pack, des boss et des phases de shoot, finit à la longue par être assez fade.
The Video Game Critic (May 18, 2005)
Shadows looks impressive but has its share of control problems. First, the touchy analog stick makes in difficult to navigate narrow ledges without sliding off. Also, the aiming controls for firing upward are not good. If you can deal with these issues however, Shadows provides a very satisfying and original Star Wars adventure.
Retro Archives (Apr 14, 2021)
L'histoire aura souvent retenu STAR WARS : Shadows of the Empire comme un petit jeu popcorn et oubliable sorti entre des logiciels autrement plus marquants, TIE Fighter ou Jedi Knight en tête. Avec le recul, le constat est peut-être un peu sévère: certes, le titre de LucasArts respire le fan service, avec ses séquences obligées et son héros qui rencontre pratiquement tout le casting de la trilogie originale, mais il se montre assez long et assez efficace pour qu'on découvre qu'on peut encore le parcourir aujourd'hui et passer un bon moment. Certaines séquences ont beau avoir nettement moins bien vieilli que d'autres (comme cette course sans intérêt sur Tatooine), et le programme souffrir d'un côté frustrant dû à sa maniabilité un brin primitive, on se surprend à y revenir histoire d'aider Dash Rendar à sauver la galaxie une bonne fois pour toutes. Une bonne surprise.
GameSpot (Dec 04, 1996)
If Shadows of the Empire had lived up to its first inspiring level, it would certainly have been in the running for game of the year. As it stands, the control, camera angles, and frustrating save feature keep it from reaching its full potential. Programming for the Nintendo 64 is reportedly a daunting challenge, and perfecting the use of a true 3-D environment and analog controller will certainly take some time. Hopefully, the next Star Wars title for the Nintendo 64 will come closer to what Shadows of the Empire aspires to be.
Nintendojo (Nov 11, 1996)
Even with all these problems, Shadows is great fun. If you're a Star Wars fan you've got to buy it! The challenge points that are hidden in every level makes you want to play SotE again, even after you've beaten it. Unfortunately Shadows of the Empire comes across as trying to be too many games at the same time. Games, LucasArts has already done better in terms of control and gameplay. There's a little bit of Rebel Assault, a little bit of Dark Forces and a little bit of X-Wing and Super Star Wars here. And while Shadows is certainly not on par with Tie Fighter in terms of gameplay, it surpasses Rebel Assault and Super Star Wars by far.,And the incredible graphics of the space battles raise hopes for an X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter 64. C'mon, LucasArts! We know you want to...
IGN (Dec 09, 1996)
What's strange about Shadows is that the storyline is compelling enough for most gamers to want to play until the end -- despite all of its problems. You actually get accustomed to the poor level design and horrifying movement just to reach the ending. But not because it gets better, but because the Star Wars itself universe is so fantastic. Again, oddly, the game as a whole is just slightly better than its mediocre, individual parts. If you like Star Wars, you'll like this, but if you like Star Wars and you love games, you're in for disappointment and disbelief.
Classic-games.net (Jun 21, 2019)
I wanted to like Shadows of the Empire. In some ways I do. But there is no way that I can’t classify it as a huge disappointment. It has decent production values for its time but that isn’t enough to salvage its mediocre gameplay. There are various Star Wars games across multiple platforms better than this, play those instead.
Nintendo Life (Dec 01, 2009)
LucasArt's attempted to make a successful jump from 16-bit starscapes to 64-bit hyper-space, but became lost in the nether of unfulfilled pre-release hype. Whilst it has not aged particularly gracefully, one Snowspeeder and two space flight sections still contain trusty shooting playability, but sadly the cumbersome third person adventuring is let down by unwieldy controls. Despite any shortcomings, for Star Wars fans reading a retro graphic novel alongside playing this N64 title, there is an atmospherically dark and somber game world to absorb here. Its gloom is the antithesis of the atmosphere created in Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy, and even if its third person Escape From Echo Base level is noticeably less fun to play, a murky and oppressively jittery Star Wars game still makes for a welcome change.
Still, the game should have been better. The most disappointing aspect is the third-person levels, which make up the bulk of the game. Had LucasArts attempted a first-person shooter closer to their Star Wars: Dark Forces on the PC, the result would have been something more deserving of the Force. Fans of Star Wars will still want to check this game out if only to get a taste for the opening and ending sequences (the only two flying segments in the game), but the rest ends up being passable entertainment that doesn't really deserve a permanent spot in your library.
Edge (Jan, 1997)
It’s not difficult to understand why Shadows of the Empire was one of the most eagerly anticipated N64 titles. The combination of the formidable “Star Wars” licence with arguably the most accomplished PC development talent in the US (LucasArts, of course) and the most powerful console currently available has led many to expect a near-perfect game. They are going to be disappointed.
Game Revolution (Jun 06, 2004)
Unfortunately, the rest of the game leaves quite a bit of room for improvement. It has a lot of levels and tremendous variation. But this is quantity rather than quality; graphics rather than gameplay. I am very disappointed in you, young Jedi.

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