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User Reviews

Every ardent gaming boy in the 90s grew up with this classic! John H. (59) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
A True N64 Classic Matt Neuteboom (989) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars
Oomba goomba's have never gone out of fashion Horny-Bullant (59) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Did we really need a ‘Mario Raider’ game? PCGamer77 (3229) 3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars
Mario's first 3D adventure is great fun Kiara Cunningham (15) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars
Delayed this for way too long. Asinine (1006) 4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars
Putting The "Super" Back In Super Mario MasterMegid (902) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Great Mario Game to kick-off the N64! darthsith19 (70) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
Its got all you need ThE oNe (184) unrated
One of the Best Games on the 64. Attila (582) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (284 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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The Game Hoard (Apr 26, 2022)
Some slight roughness in areas like the camera control doesn’t prevent Super Mario 64 from being a phenomenal 3D platformer. Fluid and responsive movement makes navigating levels a breeze when it needs to be while level design makes sure to challenge the player in different ways, the different Star goals encouraging you experience the breadth of a stage’s offerings even if they might technically be a reused concept before you see the new implementation. An excellent soundtrack accompanies the tour of many great worlds that get more creative as you get deeper into the experience but the game ensures there are both simple stars to ease you in and more difficult ones to really push a player going for full 100% completion. This may have been Mario’s first real step into 3D gameplay, but Nintendo made sure to make it feel incredibly natural and a strong fit for the kind of worlds he could now explore.
From the opening sequence to the final bout with Bowser, and beyond in pursuit of every last star, Mario 64 convinces that this is the best video game ever made.
There hasn't been anything so revolutionary - a game that you just accept unconditionally as amazing - since maybe arcade Virtua Racing. It's still hard to believe Super Mario 64 exists as a home game. Most people who have played Super Mario 64 have proclaimed it as the best game ever. That kind of comment doesn't come from nowhere. We have never seen the like, and I doubt that we will again for quite some time.
Retro Game Reviews (Jul 28, 2014)
Super Mario 64 is a defining moment in the history of video gaming and it still holds up well today. Compare it to the various attempts by Sega to move Sonic the Hedgehog into 3D and you realise just how much Nintendo managed to achieve. The missions are fun and finding all the 120 Power Stars (including the 15 hidden ones) will take you a while. An all-time classic that you'll find yourself coming back to again and again!
Geeks Under Grace (Jun 21, 2014)
A must play for anyone who has touched an N64 controller.
Bravo Screenfun (Mar, 1997)
Super Mario 64 ist ein Knaller, den Ihr Euch nicht entgehen lassen dürft! Also: Konsole anstöpseln, durchstarten und abheben!
Edge (Jul 05, 1996)
Any preconceptions about this being a game purely for kids are quickly discarded, however. True, SM64’s presentation doesn’t sit comfortably alongside the likes of ’90s new-breed games such as Wipeout 2097, but videogames exist to entertain, whether they come drenched in Designers Republic imagery or gaudy, toytown-like colour schemes; whether their soundtracks feature full-on Chemical Brothers arrangements or disposable plink-plonk lift muzak. And entertainment, more than anything else, is SM64’s watchword.
Total! (Germany) (Feb, 1997)
Super Mario 53 kann mit Fug und Recht als interaktives Märchen bezeichnet werden. Nie zuvor stand Miyamoto seinem Kindheitstraum, eine neue Welt zu schaffen, näher als mit diesem Spiel. Wieder einmal hat ein Miyamoto-Werk den Zenit erreicht und den Begriff Videospiel neu definiert, und erneut trägt ein Mario-Spiel maßgeblich zum Erfolg einer neuen Konsole bei. Da wir uns mit dem Nintendo 64 noch ganz am Anfang eines neuen Videospiel-Zeitalters befinden, kann niemand absehen, was uns Shigeru Miyamoto in zwei bis drei Jahren bieten wird. Außer der Meister selbst.
Meristation (Feb 17, 1998)
Mario 64 fue sin duda una de las razones por la que N64 se vendió también, Mario 64 es el mejor juego del año, Mario 64 es Mario y su mundo, Mario 64 es total libertad de movimientos, Mario es Miyamoto. Así que sí tienes una N64, y no tienes este juego, deberías tenerlo, por otro lado, si no tienes una N64 pues este juego podría ser una gran razón para conseguirla. Y es que, si te has dado cuenta, en esta review aparece muchas veces la palabra increíble. Que menos, siendo Mario 64 auténticamente, increíble, impactante, adictivo, jugable e, incluso, histórico. Toma ya. ;-)
You'd be needlessly disciplining yourself if you didn't take the time to at least try this extraordinary game. Around The Electric Playground it has quickly grown to become the standard by which almost all other games are measured.
Faults? Problems? These, it seems, aren't in Miyamoto's vocabulary. As the first true 3D platform game, the game does everything right. Super Mario 64 is a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word.
Mega Force (Sep, 1996)
Que l'on aime ou non les plombiers moustachus (comme ma voisine), on ne peut pas rester insensible à un tel jeu. Le plaisir qu'on en retire est incomparable. Techniquement époustouflant, frisant même la perfection absolue, riche sur tous les plans, vous ne pourrez que craquer sur ce jeu. Il réunit tout ce qu'un fan de jeux vidéo peut désirer. À partir de là, il devient difficilement surclassable.
Un jeu parfait, une prise en main simplissime : le plaisir de jouer à l'état brut !
Super Power (Jul, 1997)
Un incontournable, une nouvelle légende est née mes frères du pad. Jouez-y des heures, qui dis-je, des jours, des mois de folie vous attendent avec ce jeu. À ne pas manquer !
IGN (Sep 25, 1996)
As a whole, the flagship N64 game more than makes up for any painful delay (or delays) imposed upon the unit's release. SM64 is complete in every way, and the challenging experience of working toward each new level is far greater than the game's minimal flaws. Nintendo's craftsmanship and zeal for creating fantastically enjoyable games has never shown through more than in Super Mario 64.
64 Extreme (Apr, 1997)
If you'd heard that Super Mario 64 is the best video game ever, it's probably the truth. It's a truly stunning 3D adventure game that incorporates textured mapped graphics to create three dimensional environments, 360 degree movement that allows more character freedom then ever seen before and a variety of view perspectives that greatly increase the scope for puzzle solving.
Nintendojo (1996)
It's not perfect but it's darn close... If you haven't played Super Mario 64 yet, you're missing the most ground-breaking game since that strange little first-person shooter called "Doom" hit the PC market. Next Generation Magazine recently crowned Mario 64 the best game ever, ahead of Final Fantasy, Elite, Warcraft II and Quake! 'nuff said.
Video Games (Jan, 1997)
Noch nie ist es uns so leicht gefallen, einem Spiel eine so hohe Spielspaßwertung zu vergeben wie bei Super Mario 64. Die Gründe dafür liegen klar auf der Hand: Es ist eben selten vorgekommen, daß sich ein Spiel sowohl technisch als auch inhaltlich so deutlich von der (32 Bit) Konkurrenz abheben konnte.
Game Play 64 (Aug, 1997)
Alors un conseil, même si vous n'aimez pas les jeux de plate-forme, même si on vous en a parlé et reparlé jusqu'à vous en avoir dégoûté, même si vous n'avez jamais été accro des "Mario", je vous assure, procurez-vous vite Mario 64, vous ne le regretterez pas.
En conclusión, Super Mario 64 es quizá el mejor plataformas 3D hasta la fecha, tanto por su calidad intrínseca como por la revolución que representó. Nintendo logró otra vez crear un antes y un después en la historia del género con este magnífico plataformas. Es posible que en ocasiones lograr ciertas proezas pueda hacerse algo pesado, pero pese a los pocos momentos frustrantes del juego, hablamos de una verdadera obra maestra, un clásico entre los clásicos. Si tienes la oportunidad y la vanidad de cierto político no te ha hecho odiar todo aquello que lleve bigote, Mario 64 es un juego que hay que jugar.
X64 (Oct, 1997)
Une référence absolue du genre, tout à fait incontournable.
Still, it's an instant classic.
Steuerung (und Kamera-Systeme) sind zwar kompliziert - die Brillanz der Grafik und die ausgefeilten Landschaften entschädigen aber für alles. Nintendos 3D-Fähigkeiten sind so überwältigend, daß es keine Übertreibung ist, zu behaupten, daß dieses Spiel den größten Fortschritt seit Erfindung der Videospiele markiert. Hinzu kommt, daß die Vielfalt und der Umfang dieses Spiels alles in den Schatten stellen, was wir bisher auf CD-Superkonsolen gesehen haben. Und das ist um so bemerkenswerter, als es Nintendo gelungen ist, das Game in eine Cartridge von nur 12 MB zu packen. Das Spiel ist technisch so überlegen und mit so viel Witz, Charme und Kreativität vollgepackt, daß wir ihm ohne die geringsten Zweifel den Titel “Bestes Spiel aller Zeiten“ zuerkennen.
Mega Fun (Feb, 1997)
Oh yeah! SM 64 ist schon eine Klasse fur sich. Was der “Magier“ Shigeru Miyamoto und sein Team hier auf die Beine gestellt haben, läßt selbst einen wie mich, der sonst nur ungern Jump‘n Runs in sein Zockerleben gelassen hat, zu einem nun bekennenden Mariojünger werden. Begeistert hat mich neben der vielseitigen und fehlerfreien Steuerung vor allem das Leveldesign, das mit seiner tollen Grafik und dem vielfältigen Idenreichtum immer wieder für Staunen gesorgt hat. Die große Bandbreite an Möglichkeiten und auferlegten Missionen läßt erst gar keine Langeweile aufkommen, sondern spornt den Spieler immer mehr an weiter zu suchen oder das Überwinden von schwierige Passagen zu perfektionieren. Dies alles sorgt zusammen mit der stimmungsvollen, zu jedem Level passenden Musik für eine einzigartige Atmosphäre, die einen alles vergessen läßt, was um einen geschieht. Einziger Kritikpunkt ist die Perspektive. auf die der Spieler zwar Einfluß nehmen kann, aber letztendlich nur bedingt.
GamesCollection (May 28, 2008)
Si tratta di un gioco perfetto quasi sotto ogni aspetto, un must per ogni possessore di Nintendo 64 - ma anche per molte altre console, dato che il gioco è stato riproposto nel corso degli anni su IQue, Wii (Virtual Console) e Nintendo DS, nella versione arricchita "Super Mario 64 DS". Mario 64 è la dimostrazione di tutto ciò che un gioco deve avere per essere tale: idee, un'accompagnamento sonoro adeguato e soprattutto dare tanto, tanto divertimento. In un momento di megalomania, come fu la pubblicità dell'epoca, potremmo dire che Super Mario 64 è il più bel gioco di sempre.
Nintendo Difference (Sep 01, 2003)
En trois mots comme en cent : Grandiose, Indispensable, Inégalable…
Believe the hype - SM64 sets the standard for videogames right into the 21st Century. It's a title every true games fan should own.
Now there's tonnes more to say about this piece maitresse of a game. The title screen alone can keep you busy for hours. The battles with Bowser are something to revisit time and time again. The freedom you have to find your own way of doing things never ceases to amaze, and the wonderful variety and just plain -fun- of SM64 have been copied many times, but no-one ever came close to this kind of perfection. Every 32-bit owner that goes on and on about blood and guns has no idea what the real fine art of gaming is all about. After gorging oneself on the genius of SM64, one can only bow to the amazing talent of Miyamoto and co. God does exist, and he works for Nintendo.
Gaming Target (Jun 22, 2000)
Was I satisfied? Definitely. The game shows the 3-D environment of Mario World with very little glitches such as the camera angles. With Mario 64 being Nintendo's first N64 game. I have to say I am quite impressed.
GameSpot (Dec 01, 1996)
If Mario 64 is even a rough indication of what's to be expected from Nintendo, or from games in general, then we just might have a revolution of sorts in our very hands.
PGNx Media (May 21, 2002)
This game was Miyamoto at his finest and it became a legend for the N64. Only a few games have been able to topple its mastery. The whole experience is so unique and exhilirating that it really is hard to put down, and that makes it one of the best games ever.
neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Grafisch konnte Nintendos Vorzeigetitel auch voll und ganz überzeugen. Mit heutigen Standards kann man das Spiel jedoch nicht vergleichen. Schwache Texturen und einzelne Grafikfehler fallen auf, beeinflussen den großartigen Spielspass aber in keiner Weise, dafür versprüht die knuddlige Welt von Mario einfach viel zu viel Charme, welcher bei jung und Alt gleichermaßen ankommt. Der Sound ist, wie aus den Vorgängern bekannt, recht gelungen und passt sich sehr gut dem Spielgeschehen an und gehen schnell ins Ohr. Auch nett sind die Animationen von Mario selbst, wie er gähnt und ächzt.
Quebec Gamers (May 09, 2002)
Encore une fois Nintendo a réussi à faire un petit classique. Le jeu se joue bien, et c'est relaxant d'y rejouer par plaisir. Il y a quelques stages dont je me serais passé. Comme la pyramide et celui dans les airs où vous devez voler pour amasser 8 cents rouges (ce dernier est un stage très court). Mais dans l'ensemble, c'est un très bon jeu. Tous les éléments de Mario ne sont pas là, mais ça s'accepte bien. Si on le compare à Donkey Kong et Banjo Tooie, C'est un tout petit jeu, mais ben ben le fun! C'est amusant d'amasser les étoiles!
Retroguiden (Feb 22, 2010)
Och i slutänden är det lättillgängligheten, bandesignen, variationen och spelets storlek som gör Super Mario 64 till en av de där odödliga klassikerna i spelhistorien. Det är inte världens bästa spel men det kan mycket väl vara Shigeru Miyamotos bästa spel.
Retroage (Jan 19, 2010)
Żadne słowa nie są w stanie oddać fenomenu tej gry, a ja tym bardziej jako umysł ścisły nie potrafię znaleźć tylu wielkich słów, aby opisać piękno i ogrom tej pozycji. Mimo tego, że Super Mario 64 ma już parę ładnych lat na karku to wciąż wciąga tam samo jak niegdyś po premierze i mimo, że grafika może zniechęcić już najmłodsze pokolenie to i tak należy sięgnąć po ten tytuł. Jeśli jeszcze nie graliście – marsz do konsoli nadrobić zaległości, a jeśli już kiedyś go zaliczyliście to proponuje odpalić ponownie – zobaczycie, że wciągnie was nie mniej niż za pierwszym razem.
Believe the hype - Super Mario 64 has set the standard for videogames right into the 21st Century. Even if you complete the game in a few weeks you'll always come back to replay your favourite levels. A title every true games fan should own.
Cubed3 (Mar 27, 2006)
Overall, this game was one of, if not the most important game of it's generation. Updated for the DS launch, it is still playable in both forms and a great game by all standards. A sure thing for the Virtual Console, and if we didn't already have it twice, it'd be our first purchase. If you're a bit cautious, picking the game up for DS will satisfy your higher graphical and character model needs.
90 (GAF) (Apr 27, 2003)
Super Mario 64, in the tradition of Nintendo launch titles, was an instant classic, just like Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. before it. Again, a game of this stature had people wondering if Nintendo didn't offer us too much too soon. Because for 1996, it certainly was ahead of its time.
Joystick (French) (Sep, 1997)
Cependant, le jeu pourra vous rebuter par son aspect rébarbatif : vous visiterez plusieurs fois d'affilée les mêmes niveaux afin de glaner toutes les étoiles cachées, indispensables à votre progression. Cela dit, si l'on fait abstraction de ce détail, Mario 64 reste le jeu de plates-formes ultime sur Terre, tous formats confondus.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 05, 2003)
Still, Super Mario 64's well-designed stages, imaginative puzzles, gradual ramping difficulty, and numerous save points make it hard to put down. Even if you prefer the 2D incarnations, you can't deny that Mario 64 is a solid title for the N64.
Game Revolution (Jun 06, 2004)
Super Mario 64 is the first showpiece for the N64, and the graphics will impress you (they impressed the hell out of me). The game itself is appealing, is less linear, and has more emphasis on puzzle solving than its predicessors. It has enough worlds to satisfy you for many hours while you figure them out. If you're really sick of Mario, you probably shouldn't get this game, since its full of even more goofy Italian stereotyping than before. But if you still have room in your belly for another Italian meatball, Super Mario 64 is a worthy game.
RetroGame Man (Nov 20, 2016)
Overall, Super Mario 64 is an excellent 3D platform game that, while fairly simple by todays standards, still holds up quite well and is a load of fun to play. It is an incredibly important game historically as it really set the tone for all 3D platform games to come. Compared to other N64 platform games, this is an excellent game, but there are a couple better ones (like Banjo-Kazzooie – which will be reviewed next year)! Nevertheless, I highly recommend this game and give it an 8/10 with a Historic Video Game Tag.
Imperium Gier (Sep 12, 1998)
Mario moze chodzic, biegac, skakac, plywac, wspinac sie, zjezdzac z gorki na tylku lub na brzuszku, czarowac, a przede wszystkim zbierac gwiazdki, monety i inne "srocze" blyskotki. Dzieki nim odzyska przyjaciol. Czy stanie sie to juz dzis, czy za kilkanascie lat, zalezy tylko ode Mnie. Pomozesz mi, my friend?
Gamer's Pulse (Feb 24, 2001)
In conclusion, Super Mario 64 is, all and all, a decent title. It gives more of that great adventure game experience fans have come to expect, it has fairly decent graphics, and the sound is o.k. I would recommend that if you plan on completing this game, you buy or borrow it from a friend because it can be very time consuming, especially if you are trying to collect all the stars and secrets.

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