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Super Mario 64 Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Its-a me! Mario!
Mario checks out Princess Toadstool's castle. He's up for some lovin' tonight thats for sure!
Mario races a rotund penguin down an icy ramp.
Mario evades an annoying bomb-based baddie in Lethal Lava Land
One of the excellent flying subgames.
Mario checks out his 'tache in the mirror. Look at Lakitu the camera man in the background!
Mario goes scuba diving.
Heavy Metal Mario.
The first bowser level. Viewed from below.
When you get all 120 stars, you get to meet Yoshi! The little dude even gives you 99 lives into the bargain!
Super Mario 64 logo
Intro of the game
Going to the castle
Bob-omb Battlefield - the first stage you'll be able to play
Before racing Koopa the Quick
This game has enemies from previous Mario instalments... well as new ones
Hanging from a column in Whomp's Fortress
Cool-Cool Mountain
Mario near a Metal Cap in Jolly Roger Bay
Inside the castle
The Jolly Roger painting - you actually have to jump inside paintings to enter the stages
A painting but of Lethal Lava Land this time
Standing in one of the four pillars in Shifting Sand Land
The pyramid from above
Lethal Lava Land
Flying in Lethal Lava Land
The Wet-Dry World completely flooded
Tiny-Huge Island - there's something wrong with this place after all
Metal Mario in Hazy Maze Cave
Brave Mario in Big Boo's Haunt
Wing Mario over the rainbow
Mario in Tall-Tall Mountain
Bowser in the Dark World
Mario spinning Bowser in the Dark World
Game over
Moving platforms
Long slide
Mario in the Tick Tock clock
There's a flying ship up there
A boss in the pyramid
One of Mario's new abilities
A friendly monster
Flying around the first course
Underwater castle
Hello Yoshi!