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Supercross 2000 Credits

56 people

Design & Development: MBL Research, Inc.

Physics Jim Berry
Control (Programming)Jim Berry, Eric Malafeew
Core ProgrammingRex E. Bradford, Ken Williams
Game LogicRex E. Bradford
Front End ProgrammingRex E. Bradford, Marty Cosgrove
Overlays (Programming)Rex E. Bradford, Marty Cosgrove, Ken Williams
Play-by-Play (Programming)Robert Costello
Freestyle ProgrammingRobert Costello
Controller Pak ProgrammingRobert Costello
Rider IK (Programming)John Eskew, Eric Malafeew
Audio ProgrammingJohn Eskew
Math ProgrammingJohn Eskew
AI (Programming)Jan Lenferink
Rendering (Programming)Eric Malafeew
Animation (Programming)Eric Malafeew
Replay (Programming)Ken Williams
Front End (Graphics)Scott Blanchard, Gayle Robertson, Greg Summers
Overlays (Graphics)Scott Blanchard, Greg Summers
Track ModelsLori Champney, Peter Lawson, Bhavin Patel, Douglas Wike
Track TexturesLori Champney, Erik Pearson
StadiumsPeter Lawson
Bike and Rider ModelsDouglas Wike
Animations (Graphics)Douglas Wike
TestingPhilip Williams, Michael Toothaker
Team ManagementMark Lesser, Ross Comstock

Electronic Arts

Executive in Charge of ProductionRob Martyn
Supervising ProducerDavid E. Davis
ProducerTodd Arnold
Associate ProducerRich Rogers
Director of TechnologyColin Boswell (Bozz)
Art DirectorMargaret Foley-Mauvais
ArtistsChris Chambers, Bill Eral, Johannes Huber, B. J. West
Audio DirectorJerry Martin
Audio ComposerJerry Martin
Sound DesignersKirk Casey, Kent Jolly, Robert Kauker
Sound ComposersKirk Casey, Kent Jolly, Robert Kauker
Assistant ProducersChris Baena, Shannon Copur, Andy Derber
Creative ConsultantAlan Weiss
Product Marketing ManagerCharlie Cooper
Product ManagerDavid C. Lee
Assistant Product ManagerAaron Burns
Public RelationsScott Gamel
Play by Play AnnouncerArt Eckman
Testing ManagersDavid Costa, Rosalie Vivanco
Lead TesterLuke Harrington
Assistant Lead TesterKenee Crawford
TestersRyan Barrett, Randy Hembrador, Scott Parker, Jason Stevenson, Dan Tovar, Kinh Williams


"The Next Big Thing"Performed by MxPx
"Prisoner of Society"Performed by The Living End
"Over It"Performed by Pulley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65763)