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Lex Wins Adzuken (854) 1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars
Games like this deserve to burn! Arejarn (6788) 0.25 Stars0.25 Stars0.25 Stars0.25 Stars0.25 Stars
Worst game of all time Matt Neuteboom (989) 0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars
Need I say more? Superman 64 SUCKS! John H. (59) 0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars
From Hero to Zero! Kadeem Gomez (38) 0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 0.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 1.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 0.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 0.9
Overall User Score (68 votes) 0.8

Critic Reviews

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SuperGamePower (Jul, 1999)
O bonitão Clark Kent está prestes a virar Superman no Nintendo 64. Todos os desafios do game foram propostos pelo bandidão Lex Luthor, que, para ajudar, deve ter colocada uma pedrinha de criptonita perto da galera da Titus, fabricante do jogo. Nao espere muita ação.
Still, even after weighing all the pros and cons Superman turns out to be a pretty decent game. Graphics seem to get better as you get into the higher levels, perhaps as an incentive? And though gameplay could have used some more tweaking, once you get a feel for the controls and adapt to the camera angles, the game is actually pretty fun. Good quality sound and sound effects are also an added plus. It's my job as a reviewer to point out the bad with the good, but overall I'm satisfied with this title. I give it 3 and a 1/2 out of 5 GIN gems. And if sales are any indication of value, this title certainly seems to be heading up, up and away.
Interesting and varied missions are hampered by a difficult controller issue and hoop flying timed tasks frustrated my arrival to an otherwise rewarding goal. Superman is an uneven mix but the gameplay once you arrive there is for the most-part genuinely fun and rewarding.
Power Unlimited (Sep, 1999)
Ondanks het feit dat Superman een begrip is in de wereld van films, comics en TV, heeft hij vooralsnog weinig te zoeken in de spelletjeswereld. Ben je een fan van deze vliegende journalist, heb dan nog even geduld totdat er een spel op de markt komt dat de titel Superman met waardigheid kan dragen.
45 (Dec 29, 1999)
Il aurait été appréciable que Titus travaille plus le jeu (graphismes, jouabilité, bande-son) au lieu de se contenter de l'utilisation de la licence pour attirer les joueurs vers le jeu. La critique est malheureusement facile mais il y a cependant encore une chance que le jeu séduise les très jeunes fans qui aiment se prendre pour Superman. Et encore...
Nintendojo (Apr 11, 1999)
Essentially, the problem with Superman is that there is no feeling that the player is actually in Metropolis. Gamers won't feel that they are taking the role of Superman. The city might as well be a fog ridden ghost town, and Superman, a cardboard cutout. Superhero videogames have traditionally done well when they have lots of action in them. Games such as side scrollers in the vein of Double Dragon, or as Capcom has done, an all out one on one fighting experience. Younger kids might disagree with my assessment and enjoy the title, especially if they are Superman fans. The bottom line from me is that this game is not worth your buck.
Nicht nur der oberdämliche und schlichte Missionsaufbau (durch Ringe fliegen, Wagen durch die Luft werfen, irgendwelche Symbole finden, Tornados mit Superkräften wegblasen, blablabla...) und die üble Steuerung lösen selbst bei härtesten Comicfans Brechreiz aus, auch die Grafik trägt dazu bei. Selten haben wir eine dermaßen dicke Nebelwand gesehen. Genauso trist wie der Nebel, ist der Aufbau der Stadt, die, mit Ausnahme einiger willkürlich aufgestellter Pappkameraden, menschenleer ist. Keine Entschuldigung für eine “virtuelle“ Welt! Sprachausgabe gibt es kaum, der Sound hält sich in Grenzen, und von ausgefeilten Animationen hat Titus wohl ebenfalls noch nichts gehört. Auch der Vierspielermodus, der in Kampf- (mit Schußwechsel) und Rennmodi unterteilt ist, motiviert kaum. Ich könnte jetzt noch mindestens zwei Seiten mit Kritik füllen, aber wir wollen den Platz lieber für interessantere Spiele freihalten.
IGN (Jun 02, 1999)
Having grown up with the Man of Steel, Superman for Nintendo 64 is a huge, whopping disappointment for me. In fact, the game is so all-around poorly executed that it's downright offending to people like myself who have enjoyed the comic books, movies, television shows and more based upon the America icon. Not only is this sub-par effort one of Nintendo 64's worst games, it serves as even more proof that it takes more than a solid license to make a solid game. With horrible control, unforgivable framerates and more bugs than can be counted, Titus should be absolutely ashamed of this awful game, and the company should be doubly ashamed for pissing all over such a beloved license. Do not buy this piece of garbage.
Gamezilla (Aug 09, 1999)
I will go on record right now as saying this is one of the worst, if not the worst, games I have ever played. It is definitely the worst N64 game, hands down. If you never listen to any of my other reviews and opinions, please listen to me on this one. This game is not fun and you will kick yourself for wasting the money. All I can say is that if you do not heed this warning and purchase the game, may God have mercy on your soul.
Electric Playground (Jun 30, 1999)
You really want to like this game, but you won't. Unless, of course, you're an avid Superman fan willing to settle for simple branding rather than an avid gamer wanting to play a super game, in which case, go nuts. And don't forget to fill out the comment card.
Video Games (Sep, 1999)
Für mich als alten Comicliebhaber ist Superman eine herbe Enttäuschung. Dieses Produkt kann in keinem Punkt überzeugen. Und wenn man sich dann noch die angeblich so extrem lange Entwicklungszeit vor Augen hält, drängt sich der Verdacht auf, die Jungs bei Titus haben sich einfach nicht getraut, dieses Produkt auf den Markt zu werfen. Superman ist für das N64, was Spawn für die PlayStation war. Ein überflüssiges Stück Software, über das man besser den Mantel des Schweigens decken sollte. Kauft Euch von dem Geld lieber drei Dutzend Comics oder einfach ein gutes Game.
HappyPuppy (Jun 29, 1999)
Let's just not even waste the reader's time: Hard-core superman fanatics will want to bite the kryptonite bullet and buy this in the same way they want to buy limited-run, defective Superman Pez dispensors--for the collection-completion factor. Otherwise, there is nothing here of value.
In the end, Superman is simply a bad game. Its redeeming qualities are few and far between, and there were very few moments that I actually enjoyed playing it. Just flying around Metropolis can be fun, as long as you don’t try to do anything complicated like land, but the overall gaming experience is poor. When you mix together the difficult interface, the ugly graphics, the nonexistent AI and the way they mangled the franchise, the result is something you definitely want to avoid.
Total! (Germany) (Jun, 1999)
Fazit: Wer auch nur einen Funken Respekt für den 60jährigen Superhelden verspürt, gehört nicht zu der Zielgruppe dieses ‚Spiels“! Supermario-Hasser könnten sich aber für kurze Zeit an der Demontage der amerikanischen Ikone erfreuen.
Had the game offered tighter control, better level design, more freedom to explore (most indoor levels boil down to hunting for keys) and more engaging flying segments, the game would have rated higher. Instead of an imaginative game based on the strongest of heroes, we get a fairly ordinary title that suffers from extremely weak control. One has to wonder whether the cartridges were made from kryptonite...
GameGenie (1999)
Unfortunately, I can't say anything nice about this game. I am beginning to wonder what is going to happen to the Nu64. With the constant release of bad games, I hope not to see a Saturn flashback. But In all fairness this review is about Superman not Nu64. The bottom line is the game fails in all categories. Even though the game was geared for kids, you have to know that older fans of superman are going to play. But this is not the problem at all. The problem lies in poor controls, average graphics, absentee plot, and bad, bad sound. So much more could have been done. What's wrong with using the full memory to design a game? Zelda 64 did it successfully. The biggest thing to mention is the price. For 60-70 bucks, I'd have to advise to rent first. That's if you are remotely interested in playing Superman. I do believe that kids may still enjoy the game.
Tras jugar a esto me doy tanto asco que deseo morir de un disparo, pero en realidad en mi lista de prioridades está encontrar todas las copias de este cartucho y destruirlas por el bien de la humanidad y para impedir la invasión alienígena del planeta Titus. Leí a un psicólogo que afirmaba que los videojuegos eran para muchos adolescentes el substituto de la droga. Un consejo: Si alguien piensa comprarse este juego como substituto de la droga, recomiendo como mejor opción hacerse con 20 kilos de farlopa y metérselos de una vez, y los que no quepan por la nariz, por la raja del culo: Es más sano y divertido.
MAN!AC (Aug, 1999)
Bei dieser dilettantischen Umsetzung der Trickfilm-Serie fehlen mit fast die Worte – "Unglaublicher Quatsch" trifft's wohl am besten. "Superman" ist technisch mit Abstand das mieseste N64-Spiel – von Comic-Metropolis im stählernen Ambiente bleiben hier lediglich ein bunter Hampelmann, Nebel und rucklige Dauer-Tristesse mit den ewig gleichen Fenster- und Backstein-Texturen übrig. Spielerisch ist jeder Abschnitt eine unsagbare Quälerei: Die eingestreuten Reaktionsspielchen werden kaum erklärt und sind nach Sekunden vorüber. Dann müßt Ihr erneut eine knappe Viertelstunde das Level-Vorprogramm absolvieren – DC-Comics sollte die Titus-Entwickler Lex Luthor zur Folter überstellen! Traurig, daß Nintendo solchen Mist genehmigt!
GameSpot (Jun 08, 1999)
Since his creation back in 1938, the Man of Steel has faced such challenges as Richard Pryor, the Anti-Monitor, marriage, the reworking of his origin, and even death. Heck, back in the old days, he used to kick the bucket about every other issue. But never in the course of all those years has such a threat appeared to dog his name and reputation as much as Titus' Superman game for the N64.
Mega Fun (Sep, 1999)
Grafisch scheint Titus während der Entwicklung mehrmals Englands Hauptstadt London besucht zu haben, da man sich anders die Nebelgebiete in Metropolis nicht erklären kann. Nein, nein und nochmals nein. Das Nintendo 64 kann wesentlich mehr, dies haben schon Spiele der allerersten Stunde gezeigt. Selbst die Tatsache, dass ihr als Bonus mit vier menschlichen Mitspielern in Multiplayer-Arenen aufeinander losgehen dürft, kann nichts mehr retten. Praktischerweise erhielt Superman einen Ehrenplatz unter Gunthers Schreibtisch. Denn er hat herausgefunden, dass sich das Modul wunderbar als Keil eignet.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 25, 2003)
Ripped to shreds by critics, Superman is regarded by many to be one of the worst video games of all time. I'm not sure about that, but it certainly is bad. The 3D characters look extremely rough, cars look like boxes, and the flat ground is tattooed with patterns that are supposed to look like houses from high above.
Game Revolution (Jul 01, 1999)
I could go on and on, but look, it is really very simple. It's hard to believe Titus could have screwed up this game so badly. They should be ashamed of themselves for releasing it. Bottom line: don't buy this sorry excuse for a video game.