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Superman (Nintendo 64)

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Written by  :  Arejarn (5018)
Written on  :  Aug 01, 2008
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Games like this deserve to burn!

The Good

Oh my God: these are the first three words I think of when hear the term,"Superman 64". There isn't one single thing that I good in this entire game. To even consider this abomination "entertainment" would be an insult to gaming logic. The only thing that's halfway decent is the menu screen.

The Bad

Lets start with the plot. Lex Luthor has kidnapped three of Superman's friends and trapped them in a virtual world (the plot couldn't have been anymore stupid and simple like this)!

When you begin playing, you realise that you only a few metres away from the Lexcorp building. So you may think that Superman has only to go into the building and beat up Lex, right? Well as a matter of fact, NO! You have to fly through this great big legion of rings, and if you miss at least 2-4 of them; YOU LOSE! And you know what? There's a TIME LIMIT! So, while you are trying to be cautious enough to fly through (note: the controls SUCK) the rings, you also have to keep an eye on the time ticking at the top of the screen! And sometimes, Superman gets stuck very easily, even when he isn't touching anything!

In order to crack this part, you have to do every single thing perfectly. You could be right near the end and just miss a ring and start all over again!

So after you get past the rings, a block of instructions how up for practically a split second; only giving you enough time to read the first few words. In this part, you have to lift two cars and make sure they don't hit civilians. And after you do that, guess what? MORE FREAKING RINGS!!

I never got past this point because of two things:

1. The music loops on and on until it practically destroys your eardrums.

2. I'd rather kick the man of Steel in the groin rather this playing this garbage.

The Bottom Line

There, you have it. My full description on Superman 64, it took ages to get over the fact that Superman actually had a game based off of him that was this bad!

This is the kind of game you would send to someone you hate as a vengeance present. I mean, thank God they don't make game like this anymore.

And do you know what was missing the most? The official Superman music! That's right, its nowhere to be found in this filth. I've had it with game reviewing for the moment, the next one is going to be a review of a GOOD game.