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Back of Box - N64 (UK):



    JUMP IN, BUCKLE UP and drive yourself insane! Top Gear Rally will have your engines revving! NO OPTIONS ON THIS BABY - IT COMES FULLY EQUIPPED: 9 polygon cars, 5 INTENSE tracks (Desert, Jungle, Mountain, coastline and Strip Mine), 4 HIGH-PERFORMANCE game modes AND multiple camera views! WANT MORE? HOW ABOUT eye-bugging 3D & super-real effects! customize your car'S graphics in the Paint Shop. THEN, Tweak the tranny, tires and steering! YOU READY? SHIFT IT INTO HIGH GEAR AND run on and off road through snow, rain, fog, dirt, gravel and mud. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE Rumble Pak™ compatible wrecks, you don't walk away from 'EM!

    TOP GEAR RALLY. IT'S one COOL ride!

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    • Freaky on and off road racing!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Jun 12, 2007.

Back of Box (German/French):
    Freakiges On- und Off-Road-Rennen!

    Course démentielle sur route et en hors-pistes!

    Gewaltsprünge und Crashes!

    Sauts géants et carambolages!

    Abkürzungen und Geheimwege!

    Raccourcis et parcours secrets!

    Steig ein! Jetzt kannst Du endlich bis zur Besinnungslosigkeit über die Piste rasen! Top Gear Rally wird Deinen Motor zum Heulen bringen! Es gibt keine Wahl, Junge! Das Game ist top ausgestattet mit neun Polygonwagen auf fünf harten Strecken über Stock und Stein durch Wüste und Dschungel.
    Vier hochleistungsfähige Spielmodi und diverse Kameraperspektiven gibt's zur Auswahl. Willst Du noch mehr? Wie wär's mit hyperrealistischen 3D-Effekten, daß die Augen im Kopf steckenbleiben? Die Lackierung Deines Autos übernimmst Du selbst und gestaltest sie nach Deinem Geschmack im Paint-Shop. Wähle Dir aus Stoßdämpfern, Reifen und Lenkrad selbst. Fertig? Leg den höchsten Gang ein und gib' Dir's auf und neben der Strecke durch Nebel, Regen, Schnee, Dreck und Schlamm. Schau Dich nach diesen vom Rumble Pak gebeutelten Kisten um und Du wirst nie wieder davon loskommen!
    Top Gear Rally - ein absolut cooles Rennen!

    Monte en voiture, et déferle à fond caisse dans les parcours! Top Gear Rally fera hurler ton moteur! T'as pas le choix, car ce jeu est équipé de toutes les options imaginables. Voilà 9 bolides polygones, 5 parcours éprouvants (à travers le désert et la jungle ou bien sur la côte) et 4 modes de jeu performants ainsi que des multiples angles de caméra. Que désirer de plus? Parlons maintenant des effets graphiques en 3D hyper-réels et époustouflants! Dans le Magasin de peinture, tu peux personnaliser les dessins sur ta voiture. Ensuite, choisis aussi tes amortisseurs, tes pneus et ton type de pilotage. T'es prêt? Passe les vitesses et fonce sur la route ou bien en hors-pistes, qu'il y ait de la brume, de la neige, de la boue ou de la poussière. Jette un coup d'oeil sur ces caisses secouées par le Rumble Pak’ compatible. Tu ne pourras plus t'en séparer! Top Gear Rally - c'est la course d'enfer!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 03, 2005. – Nintendo 64:
    Buckle up and plug in your Rumble Pak -- video game racing just got real. Midway's Top Gear Rally is one of the most authentic racing simulations available for the N64.

    What's the toughest thing about Top Gear Rally? Try putting the Controller down after taking your customized car for a spin in one of the game's four race modes: Practice, Championship, Arcade and Time Attack. Top Gear Rally is packed with plenty of rich details, options and challenges -- a high-octane mixture that will keep gamers behind the wheel long after other driving games are back in the garage.

    If you've played any title in the Top Gear series, you'll recognize Championship mode, a season-long challenge that makes you start every race in 20th place and try to work your way to the front of the pack in three pressure-packed laps. In Arcade mode, one or two players can gain time by racing to a series of checkpoints. Time Attack pits you against a ghost image of your best race.

    Rally's colossal courses traverse high mountains, dusty deserts, fogbound seashores and steamy jungles. If you drive fast enough, you'll win discover additional cars and even a hidden course. If you're going for a record time, take a wild ride on one of the many shortcuts crisscrossing each stage, but remember that in this game, the shortest distance between two points is never a straight line. It's extremely challenging to stay on the narrow roads, but if you don't, you'll be eating rival drivers' dust.

    You'll start out with two cars. With continued success, you'll win new wheels to drive. Bring home the championship and you'll be handed the keys to the game's two best vehicles: the Milk Truck and the Helmet Car. Aerodynamic they ain't, but boy, do they move! You can tweak the handling, suspension, transmission and tires on any car. You can test your driving skills under extreme conditions by choosing rain, fog, snow or nighttime racing. You haven't raced until you've hot-footed it through the jungle in a blizzard!

    Naturally you'll want to look like a winner as well as driving like one, so take the time to redesign your vehicle in the no-fuss, no-muss Paint Shop. Zoom in on any of the 10 panels on your vehicle, then go to work with a generous array of brushes, geometric shapes and colors. Paint Shop's elaborate controls allow you to work pixel by pixel. A handy mirror feature lets you copy a design from one door panel to another. When the virtual paint is dry, save your work to your Controller Pak so you can exhibit your masterpiece for a friend!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65848) on May 15, 2005.